4 Tips In Designing Your Company’s Name Badges

As a business owner, you learn from the mistakes of others who are now flourishing in their craft. Putting up a shop takes a lot of hard work, and is mostly trial-and-error for company owners. Customer complaints are a nightmare, but the shop can do simple remedies for it. For instance, the lack of an information desk requires staff to step up when a customer needs an expert on the product. The use of name badges is also an efficient way to let clients know who they should ask for specific info.  

A name badge is essential to a business as oxygen is to living beings. It connects people and makes the interaction between company and client easier and more straightforward. Whether made out of aluminium or plastic, it creates the appearance of a unified and trustworthy establishment. Employees feel motivated and happy as they sense that they are part of a family away from their homes. While there are a lot of manufacturers for name badges, you should be part of the main design. Breathe life into your nameplates by considering four critical elements in the blueprint:

  • Make the font readable

Your nameplates should always have customer recall. When you need to bring out your reading glasses just to read the name of a name badge, then you know that it is not useful for any business. A lot of fonts may be cute and lovely to look at. But a highly effective one is that which you can read correctly in a glance. If you read it as “John” when it’s a “Jane,” then that becomes a problem. 

Also, including both first and last names gives out a more professional vibe. Some people have long names, so look for a writing style that allows you to put it in without compromising design. Avoid an uber-cursive font as much as possible and stick to bold, type-face ones for easier readability. And when it comes to size, ensure that the name is more significant than all the other elements of the badge. 

  • Include the logo and job title of the employee

As much as you want people to remember your best employee, you also want them to recall your company. So next to the name, your logo should be seen clearly on the nameplate as well. The job title of the employee is also a must for any badge. It is an excellent way to connect not just to customers but potential business partners as well. 

  • The badge material should be durable

Your employee badge should not break easily and has to last a long time. So the type of material used on it is equally important. People go for more aluminium or metal plates, but durable plastic will also do. You can ask the manufacturer on suggestions regarding the substance they can use to make the name badge.

  • Determine the size suitable for your purpose.

The staff wears badges for eight hours or more at the duration of their shifts. So the dimensions should be big enough, yet comfortable for the wearer. Ask the manufacturer if you can test out a couple of differently-sized nameplates first before deciding with finality on one of them. 

As part of branding, a name badge is an important marketing tool for your company. Your inputs as a business owner or manager help develop a business tag that your clients will remember for a long time. 

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