5 Digital Marketing Tactics Driving Change in 2023

Automated marketing may have moved at the speed of light in the past few years. But what are some digital marketing tactics that are driving change in 2023?

If you’re a small business owner, you constantly have to adapt to the rapidly changing world around you. Not only that, but you also have to give your customers what they want.

That means knowing the trends and what works right now. It means measuring data and seeing what brings you profit.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find out what marketing strategies will drive change for your business this year.

1. Account-Based Marketing

Account based marketing is one of the most powerful digital marketing tactics driving change in 2023. With ABM, a company can identify its ideal customers and target them. This ensures that they are taking full advantage of their marketing efforts with the best possible message.

This highly targeted approach is rooted in data-driven insights to ensure the largest relevance. ABM also emphasizes personalized engagement strategies. Its goal is to establish a 1:1 relationship between the company and the customer. Consider account based marketing strategy if you want to stay above the trend.


2. Utilizing SEO

In 2023, one of the most impactful digital marketing automation tactics will be SEO (search engine optimization). As consumers rely on search engine results to find what they are looking for online, businesses that can outsmart the competition and rank higher in search engine results will have access to more website traffic and higher conversion rates.

SEO tactics will encompass keyword research and link building, which can increase a website’s visibility. To stay competitive, businesses must keep up with the latest SEO trends. Also, using a combination of strategies to remain at the top of search engine results.

3. AI-Powered Technologies

AI-powered technologies are the leading factors driving the future of digital marketing tactics in 2023. AI in marketing can optimize campaigns by automatically understanding customer preferences and segmenting audiences.

It also tracks customer interactions, allowing for enough personalization and customization. AI also helps to identify when a customer is most likely to buy by utilizing machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics and foresight.

4. Social Media Marketing

In 2023, the digital marketing landscape will be forever changed due to the rise of social media marketing tactics. As marketers strive to target the coveted “social” shopper, more time and attention will be dedicated to attracting, engaging, and converting customers through direct channels such as Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. As a result, we can expect to see a rise in consumer engagement and purchases generated from social media channels.

5. Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is proving to be an invaluable tool that businesses are leveraging to reach new and existing consumers. According to recent research, mobile ad spending is expected to reach $355.1 billion in 2023, highlighting the power of mobile marketing. Businesses should focus on utilizing mobile technologies, such as Geofencing and SMS, to address current mobile trends and stay ahead of the competition.

Use These Marketing Tactics

Digital marketing tactics such as account-based marketing and SEO, AI-powered technologies, social media, and mobile marketing have already made an impact over the past year. In 2023, the use of digital marketing will have a resounding effect on business and how companies effectively reach and engage their target audiences.

Now is the time to get ahead of the curve. Use digital marketing tactics to propel your business forward and gain a competitive edge.

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