Best 9 tips for rank high on Google

Every business owner today wants to have a website because they want to sell more, generate lead or improve their interactions with their customers. Having a website enhances your coverage as a business and therefore you have limitless prospects from the millions of online visitors. However, it is not enough to just have a website; for you to reap the benefits of a website, you must ensure that it ranks highly on the search engines and especially Google.

This article seeks to give you some tips on how to ensure that you rank high on Google.

Get a good Keyword

Picking your keyword will determine success in your ranking. Get the search term or phrase that you would want your post to show up for. For instance; if you’re writing about “moving pets” you have to do some research and see what people are looking for in their searches. You can do this using a Google keyword planner- this will show you the estimate for whatever search phrase of your interest.

Research the competition

After you have identified a word or phrase that you’d want to use, you can go undercover and search on Google. The first ten results that you get are your competition. Thus you have to look at their gaps – see what you can do better to beat the competition. Let your SEO professionals guide you on the best strategies to employ and be above competition.

Quality regular content

The most important and perhaps the most difficult part is getting content that will drive folk to the surface. Whatever you are creating; a webpage, blog post, whatever it is, you have to give something that stands out of the competition. Set aside some budget and hire some content writers who good at quality.

Your title page should contain the keyword

The title of your page can have the entire keyword or a part of it. You don’t have to use the exact words. Even as you try to fix the keyword, the title must be as interesting as possible so that the site visitors would want to find out what it’s all about.

Ensure the keyword is in your header

You can have the main title at the top of the page, and then in an organized way have sub-headers throughout the page. This will not only help guys who are skimming but also will tell Google what your post is all about.

Page titles Are Important For Rank High On Google

This is what appears in search results once a site visitor searches for information using a keyword. They tell the spiders and users what your page is all about. Keep the descriptions on these tags short and compelling.


Look for a site developer who is well versed with the SEO trends and one who will ensure your site is mobile responsive. Most online visitors use their mobile devices and thus the easier it is for one to navigate through the web pages, the better for you.

Natural links

One of the main ranking factors in Google’s Algorithms is the organic and inbound links in your site. The many times your site has been recommended by third parties tells Google how reliable and relevant your site is.

Use internal links For Rank High On Google

Using internal links helps the site visitor to easily navigate through the entire site in record time. As you link, use natural anchor text that makes sense to the reader. When done rightly, these can generate a good number of leads.

As a site owner, you have to be deliberate on making your site as prominent as possible. Carry out good research of your competition, look at the gaps in their sites and let your SEO professional design your site in a way that will make it more prominent than such.

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