How to become a successful blogger in 2019

I’ve already discussed in one of my post regarding make money online from home without much investment that blogging is a great career option. At the same time I’ve discussed with you some points like it is not really simple to be a successful blogger and you have to invest a lot of time doing it to become successful blogger. So in this post I’ll discuss with you about blogging as a career option in 2019. You can get a clear idea about this topic.

Let’s first discuss what is blog and blogging?

Blogging in simple term can be explained as creating a blog and post useful contents that attracts the readers. At first you simply have to identify the topic which interests you most. Then pick a domain name that is suitable for your topic also serves as a keyword to your topic. After that you can choose suitable hosting provider according to your need and budget. Then pick them or get your blog designed by designers and upload it word-press or blogger as per your choice.  It’s the mandatory process which you have to follow.

What next after having your blog live in internet?

Now a day’s many boys and men are willing to start a blog and want to become a successful blogger. But many of them prove to be a failure to get traffic to their blogs and finally leave it.

Here are the things which you have to learn before starting a blog so that you can survive in this competitive world of blogging and become a successful blogger.

Basic knowledge of word-press:

Once your blog is live you have to control the word-press account by yourself so it is better for you to learn the basics of word-press beforehand so that you can operate your word-press account, know how to publish a content successfully? Which plugins are important? And many more minor details which can help you a lot to become successful as a blogger in 2019.

Basic Knowledge of SEO:

Before starting a blog you can learn the basics of SEO and what is SEO? SEO means Search Engine Optimization. If you have good knowledge of SEO then there will be a great chance for you to become successful in the field of blogging. By SEO I mean both On-Page SEO as well as Off-Page SEO. If you gather the knowledge of SEO then you can write best quality SEO friendly content that will help your blog to rank better in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). For Off-Page SEO you will have to choose best sites (High Authority Sites Preferred) to get links from and by building good links you can rank higher and get good amount of traffic and earn money and become successful blogger.

Know Keyword Research to be a Successful blogger:

Keyword Research is one of the vital things for a blogger. You have to master this art of picking the best keyword that has good amount of searches every day at the same time you can check who are ranking at the 1st page for that keyword in the SERP. You have to check the competition for that keyword and write a content that is better than the rest. You can take help of Google Keyword Planner for free to find best keywords or you can take help of paid sources like Semrush or Arefshs.

Content is the King:

Once you set your foot in the blogging industry you will surely come across the term ‘’Content is the king’’. It is true that if your content has to potential to rank higher and attractive at the same time conversational then you get good amount of traffic from the Search engines and your readers might become a daily visitor of your blog and if a visitor becomes a daily visitor of your blog it is a success as a blogger. For how to write SEO friendly content you can take help of YOAST SEO plugin in Word-press to know best about On-page SEO.


To conclude with I can assure you that if you know the basics of SEO and can write great quality content doing the keyword research you can become a successful blogger.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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