How To Erase a Digital Footprint From The Internet in Simple Ways

Using the internet can be pretty messy sometimes. You might have revealed important information online or visited websites you should not have visited. With time you might have come to realize that there is a need for you to erase your footprints. Your digital footprint might now be posing threats to you, your personality, or even your career. Information you reveal online might leave you susceptible to scammers, hackers, or even dangerous criminals, and so you might be looking for ways how to erase a digital footprint. You can learn how to erase a digital footprint from this very article you are reading, but before that, it is imperative first to understand what a digital footprint means.

A digital footprint is a “series of data gathered from your online activities over the years. “ A digital footprint provides a comprehensive list of information about you. Your digital footprint is a track of data you create while using the internet. It includes emails you sent and received, social media feeds and accounts, information submitted when signing up on websites, and lots more. The fact is we all have digital footprints, and if you deem it necessary, you can delete your digital footprint online. To erase your digital footprint, first, you need to identify the extent of your internet usage. You can do this by running your name through search engines, social media platforms, and sites. After doing all of that, make a note of all the digital footprints you find and choose the ones you want to delete. Haven successfully decided on which footprint to delete. Follow the steps below to delete a digital footprint.

How To Erase a Digital Footprint

  1. Deactivate Old Social Accounts: deactivating your old social accounts is just but one of the things you have to do to clean a digital footprint. Visit all your social media accounts and delete posts and pictures you might have uploaded. In the event that you cannot remember the password to your old accounts, you can make use of an account-deleting tool.
  2.  Delete Shopping or Web Service Accounts: After deactivating your old social accounts, it is wise to delete all your old shopping accounts since you no longer need them.
  3. Erase All Cookies: Do not also forget to delete all cookies on your browsers. App browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge allow users to delete history and cookies from the browsers.
  4. Unsubscribe From Mailing Lists: To ensure your digital footprints are deleted successfully, unsubscribe yourself from all the emails and newsletters you have subscribed to.
  5. Enable Do-Not-Track Apps and Programs: With recent advancements in technology, you can quickly get an Antivirus Guard or Privacy Software. These types of apps prevent web browsers from tracking and keeping records of all your online activities and Footprint.
  6. Use VPNs: When you visit a website, the website keeps track of your geographical location. This is otherwise known as your IP Address. The IP address is a digital footprint of where you have visited, but your location becomes untraceable with a Virtual Provider Network (VPN).
  7. Delete Online Blog Posts Forum Entries: Do not forget to Clean up the online digital footprints you left on blogs and forums. You are advised to delete all accounts on the websites, usernames, and email addresses.


Digital Footprints can be used against you, and this is why this article has explained in simple language the topic: “how to erase a digital footprint.”

To protect yourself from scammers, hackers, and threats to your personality, personal life, and growth, you need to limit the digital footprint you leave online. Control your online surfing rate, use VPNs and reduce the number of cookies you accept from websites.

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