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How to increase Domain Authority of your blog?

How to increase domain authority of a website or blog is a serious matter. And the higher domain authority your site has the higher is going to be your chance to rank higher in search engines. If a site has good domain authority then there is a good chance that many willing persons will contact the admin for backlink service. It will definitely increase your earning. Domain authority is also related to page authority. These are basically a score given to a site out of 100 depending on various matters. Moz is the regular authority of Domain authority and page authority.

What is Domain Authority?

The popular abbreviation DA denotes Domain Authority. Moz introduced the first-page rank and then replace it with Domain Authority and Page Authority. It is a score given to a website or blog out of 100. To make it simple, Moz calculates how many backlinks are directed to a blog or website homepage. The more backlinks you have pointed to your homepage the more your domain authority will grow. There are some other facts to consider that the quality of the sites matters greatly from which you are getting the backlinks. For example, my blog’s homepage is and if I get a link directly from one site to my home page then my blog’s Domain Authority will improve. My blog is related to Technology and Business related so, it will be better for me to build links from those sites that are related to my blog’s category. I think all the bloggers must know how to increase Domain Authority.

What is Page Authority?

The short form PA denotes Page Authority. It is also invented and regulated by Moz. Like domain authority, page authority is also an important measure of a blog or website. To know more about this you first should know about the pages of a website. The most common pages of a blog or website are about us, Contact us, Terms and conditions for the blog it is the blog sections. To increase the page authority of a blog you need to link them to other relevant sites. If you can be able to do it properly then you can increase the page authority of your site. It is really important that your blog or website has a good number of page authorities. For example, you know my blog homepage, If I get a relevant link to this page: or other internal pages except for homepage then my blog’s page authority will increase.

How you can increase the domain authority and page authority of the site or blog?

Now come to the basic point on how to increase the domain authority? Moz put stress on the backlines of the blog or website to calculate the DA and PA of a site. So, it the link building which can help to increase the DA and PA of your site. One caution that you must learn the basics before start building links for your site. The golden rule is that you should build links from the sites that are related to your industry. The site from which you are going to build links must have less spam score with good Domain authority and page authority. If you cannot find good sites to built links from your industry then you should go for general blogs.

Verdict on how to increase domain authority:

As you know that Google and other search engines always prefer to rank the sites that have good DA and PA scores, So, you should focus on build links from your site in the right way.

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