How To Make PPT In Mobile? Detailed Guide

Our smartphones have evolved to become much more than just communication devices. They are now mini-computers that can accomplish almost anything a laptop or desktop can, albeit with some limitations. One such capability that’s crucial for students, businesspeople, and educators is creating PowerPoint presentations or PPTs. Gone are the days when you needed a laptop to design a slide deck. Today, a smartphone is all you need.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of how to make PPT in mobile, highlighting essential tools, tips, and best practices.

Choosing the Right App To Make PPT In Mobile


Before diving into the actual creation process, it’s essential to select the right application that suits your needs. Some of the most popular PPT app options include:

#1: Microsoft PowerPoint:

It’s the flagship presentation software for many. Its mobile version carries a familiar interface for those used to the desktop version. The app comes packed with numerous templates, editing tools, and collaborative features, making it a robust choice for most users.

Download link of MS PowerPoint in Playstore here.

#2: Google Slides:

A favorite for those embedded in the Google ecosystem. Google Slides offers seamless syncing across devices. With its straightforward interface, the ability to work offline, and real-time collaborative features, it’s great for team projects.

Download link to Google Slides in Playstore here.

#3: Keynote:

Apple’s answer to PowerPoint. Its UI is sleek and it’s known for its smooth animations. iCloud integration ensures synchronization across Apple devices, and compatibility with Apple Pencil on iPads offers additional design precision.

#4: Slideshare:

While primarily for sharing and viewing presentations, it’s also handy for quick edits and to gauge popular presentation trends by viewing others’ works.

Download link here.

Starting with a New Presentation

  • Once you’ve downloaded and installed your chosen app:
  • Open the app and select ‘New’ or ‘+’ (the exact wording might vary).
  • Choose from a variety of templates or start with a blank presentation.

Designing Your PPT On Mobile


1st Step: Adding Slides:

In the PowerPoint mobile app:

  • Click on the ‘+’ button, usually located at the bottom or top of the screen.
  • A menu will pop up with different slide layout options. Select one that matches the content you wish to add.

2nd Step: Inputting Text:

  • Tap on any text box to start typing.
  • The mobile keyboard will appear. Type in your content.

3rd Step: Inserting Images, Videos, and Other Media:

  • Click on the ‘Insert’ option, usually represented by a picture icon.
  • Browse your device’s gallery, or access cloud storage to select a file.

4th Step: Changing Slide Design and Layout:

  • Navigate to the ‘Design’ or ‘Layout’ tab.
  • Choose from various themes and layouts to make your slides visually appealing.

Transitions and Animations

Adding animations and transitions can make your presentation more engaging:

  • Select the object or text box you want to animate.
  • Click on ‘Animations’ or a similar tab.
  • Pick the animation style you prefer.

For transitions between slides:

  • Go to the slide sorter view.
  • Choose the slide you wish to apply a transition to and select ‘Transitions’.

Adding Notes

If you want to add speaker notes:

  • Go to the slide you want to add notes to.
  • Click on the ‘Notes’ section at the bottom.
  • Type in your notes. These won’t be visible during the actual presentation but can be referred to while presenting.

Collaboration and Sharing

One of the benefits of mobile apps is the ease of collaboration:

  • Click on the ‘Share’ icon, often represented by a person or link symbol.
  • Choose how you want to share: via link, email, or direct collaboration within the app.

Presenting from Your Mobile

Yes, you can present directly from your phone:

  • Connect your phone to a projector or screen using an adapter.
  • Open the PPT and select the ‘Slide Show’ option.
  • Navigate slides using swipe gestures or volume buttons.

Tips for Mobile PPT Creation

  • Keep it simple: Given the smaller screen, avoid cluttering your slides.
  • Use cloud storage: This ensures you can access and edit your presentation from any device.
  • Regularly save: Mobile apps can sometimes crash, so save your work regularly.
  • Use voice typing: Most smartphones have voice recognition. This can speed up the text input process.

Limitations and Workarounds

While mobile PPT creation has come a long way, it’s not without its limitations:

  • Limited features: Not all desktop features are available on mobile versions. However, most basic and intermediate features are present.
  • Smaller screen: This can make detailed editing tricky. If possible, occasionally review your work on a larger screen to ensure everything looks right.


Creating PPTs on mobile is no longer a far-fetched idea. With the right tools and some patience, you can design effective presentations on the go. Whether you’re in a café, on a train, or just away from your laptop, your smartphone has you covered.

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