How to Strengthen Brand Positioning with Digital Marketing

Today, it is easy for Australians to access online information. Nearly 90% of the people in Sydney are using the internet, and an average Australian spends over 5 hours every day on the internet.

Digital marketing is changing the landscape of business in Sydney. Marketers understand the changing trends. Those willing to stay ahead of this curve hire a digital agency in Sydney for strengthening their brand positioning with well-defined strategies.

Here are a few digital marketing strategies to bolster your brand positioning.

Videos for Digital Marketing Campaigns

Over 70% of businesses in Sydney accept the fact that videos have increased their conversion rates. About 50% of consumers here say they prefer buying online after watching product videos.

Video streaming does not stop at Youtube. Businesses find streaming live broadcasts on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to increase their customer engagement.

Nearly 80% of Sydneysiders watch videos while browsing social media. And about 39% of consultants call the vendors after viewing a video on a company website.

Digital Marketing with Productive and Personalised Content

About 90% of content marketers in the city prioritize their audience’s information demands over their promotional activities.

Relevant and purposeful content will help you connect with your audience. Informative blogs, interactive infographics, and podcasts can transform any viewer into your potential client.

For effective brand positioning, your product should stand out from the rest. Personalizing your content is an excellent way to ensure your customers come back for your products. To retain potential clients, you can personalize emails, discount offers, and sales alerts.

Social Media for Digital Marketing

Sydney has nearly 3 million active users on social media, like Facebook. Recent studies show that Facebook continues to dominate the city’s social media marketplace.

About half a million Sydneysiders are active on Twitter. It is another vital social media platform to convert potential customers into actual paying clients.

Such platforms enable you to strengthen your brand positioning. You can directly engage with your customers and gradually moving them up the sales funnel.

Digital Marketing Using Mobile

About 80% of Australians in the capital city of New South Wales use mobile devices. Recent studies suggest that over 85% of them recommend a brand after a satisfying mobile experience.

The other aspect is the emergence of voice search, making mobile marketing a potential way to bolster your brand positioning. Currently, less than a third of mobile queries on Google are voice searches. Voice searches are an easy way to share information with your customers.

 An experienced digital agency in Sydney will emphasize dedicated digital marketing techniques such as omnichannel marketing specifically designed to attract customers.

Digital Marketing through Micro-Influences

Sydney has hundreds of social media influencers with over 20k followers on Instagram. It is a great strategy to get non-celebrity bloggers to recommend your products and services online.

With such influencers, your product can reach a bigger audience. However, you need to identify the right micro-influencer who can represent your brand value.

The Digital Marketing Summit is scheduled for June 2020 in Sydney to discuss digital marketing strategies using social media and content marketing. Hire a digital agency that can guide you with effective digital marketing techniques to strengthen your brand positioning.

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