Main Advantages of Social Media You Should know [Updated 2022]

We should always aware of the advantages social media in our society. With the rapid growth of the internet, one thing that grows immensely is social media. Social media has now become a part and partial of our daily life. We cannot event thing one day without checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and others. Social media has now become so prominent that many people share almost every important and even unimportant moment on their social media accounts. Social media has its own advantages and disadvantages over its users. Let’s discuss in detail the advantages of social media in details and finally we will decide which is more prominent- The advantages of social media. Let’s start the discussion-

15 Major Advantages of Social Media:

1. Communication:

The first and foremost benefit of social media is communication between people. Just imagine we have many familiar people, friends, relatives and it is impossible to call everyone to know how their life is going. So what will be the solution? Social media is the solution. Social media allows us to get connected. We come to know the major events of them as they will share their life events photos in social media. It is the benefit of social media for society.

2. Chatting With People:

The majority of social media platforms offer an online chatting facility. Online chatting is more convenient than messaging. Online chatting is free of cost as you just need to get connected to the internet. It is easy to use once you have the basic knowledge of that social media platform. Online chatting is less time-consuming. For those we cannot call regularly, online chatting can be the best solution to get connected.

3. Sharing Images and Videos:

We have many images or video-sharing apps. But if we think carefully we use Whatsapp or Facebook chat to share images and videos. It is very easy to use. If you share images via Whatsapp then the image size reduced but if you have the knowledge then you can share pictures in docs format and then the image size will not be reduced and the quality remains the same.


4. Voice Calling and Video Calling Facility:

One of the most commonly used features of popular social media like WhatsApp and FB is the facility of voice calling and video calling. FB and WhatsApp has Billions of users. Just imagine your near and dear one lives away from you and through social media you can video call them and have a conversation. How convenient is that? We all use these 2 facilities almost every day and it is among one of the most social media advantages.

5. Spending Some Quality Time:

During the entire day, we definitely get some free time. And if at that time you do not feel go out of the home, then social media can be your time passing thing. You can surf FB or chat in Whatsapp or Check your connections on LinkedIn or even share some good images on Instagram or call someone on Skype and other stuff in other social media platforms. You can pass your idea time in engaging in social media.

6. Creating Brand Reputation:

Social Media helps you to make your brand. If you are a good active social media user and always post quality contents then there is a great chance that you can get a large audience and followers. It will make you or your brand more popular and trustworthy.

7. Know Unknown People and Make New Friends:

The communication feature is really the main pros of social media. From social media, you can make new friends. It is bliss for some people. Especially in the open platforms like FB, Instagram or LinkedIn, we can get connected with unknown people. We can start chatting with them and we may become good friends.  

8. Become an Influencer:

You cannot deny the fact that some normal people become an influencer from nowhere. It is one of the major benefits of social media. For example, a normal boy or girl started to share health benefits tips on their social media platform and if their audience finds the tips useful then they will definitely follow them. With their growth, some companies will contact them and the influencers will get paid. So it can be a huge earning source as well.


9. Social Media Ads:

How we can forget about social media ads. Social media platforms allow users to place their ads on their platform. These ads will cost them less and they can display their ads in their targeted area and audience of the age group they want to show. It is really effective and cost-effective as well.

10. Educational Benefits of Social Media:

You can obviously get some knowledge from Social Media. You just need to follow the top quality people of the industry you are interested in. Once you started following them and you will surely get knowledge from them.

11. Get Information and Updates:

Once you join social media, you will definitely get updates on what happening around you and around the world. All major and minor news companies are in social media. They share all important updates on social media platforms. You will certainly get all the updates and we must say it’s a blessing of social media.

12. Noble Cause and Awareness:

Social Media helps builds awareness in users. If any kind of diseases spread out you will get the information and it will let you know about its precautions. If someone gets a serious disease and needs money you can know about them and obviously help them. It is a benefit of social media.

13. Social Media SEO Benefits:

SEO denotes Search Engine Optimization. Social Media impacts SEO in a large sense. It is part of Off-page SEO. If your blog or website gets good social media engagement then it is obvious that your site’s authority will increase and major Search Engines will reword your site by giving it good rankings.

14. Social Media Benefits for Bloggers:

For bloggers, social media is a blessing. Google and other search engines always give priority to social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, and others. If you share your published post then it will index faster and at the same traffic as well. There are some bloggers who get it hard to get traffic from organic sources even they can get a good amount of traffic from social media platforms.

15. Earnings From Social Medias:

Yes, you read the right thing. Through social media you can earn a lot running a Facebook campaign, influencers earn a lot from social media promotions of some products and the small e-commerce platforms earns and the Affiliate partners earn a lot through social media.  

Verdict about Advantages of social Media:

No, we are at the concluding part of the topic. I have discussed Fifteen major benefits of social media. Obviously there are many disadvantages of social media too like Cybercrime, getting fake news, gets cheated by fake people, some people get over addicted to social media, Health imbalance, hacking, etc. In spite of those disadvantages, we cannot ignore the benefits of social media. If you use it wisely then you will get benefit from social media for sure.

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