Secrets of Writing Top Quality Content for Blog

How many times did you spend hours hitting a blank page without having ideas on what to write?

Don’t worry, it happened to everyone!

It’s only a passing moment known as ‘writer’s block’.

However, in this article, I’d like to share effective tips on what to write on a blog and Secrets of Writing Top-Quality Content. 

So you don’t waste your time and know exactly what you need to do next time you’d like to write a blog post

What to Write in a Blog: Find Your Market Niche

Choosing the right market niche distinguishes a personal blog from a professional blog, a bankruptcy blog from a successful blog.

Take your time to choose your market niche because the future of your online business will depend on that choice.

Let’s be clear …

… I don’t want to scare you! However, I don’t want to create the illusion either that it’s enough to write two or three articles in a randomly chosen niche to earn good bucks.

➡ You must choose a niche that reflects who you’re or who you want to become, your values ​​and your skills.

For example, I don’t recommend the weight loss niche (very profitable) if you are not interested in the topic.

Also, you have to create value for the users who will read your blog posts. So if you are the first not to believe in what you write/speak how will others believe you?

Passion and skills are not enough …

… the market you will enter must also be profitable, otherwise, you will not earn anything (even in the long run).

You have to do detailed market research.

Overcome the Fear of Writing a Blog

I admit!

Even in my mind, there are feelings of fear, thoughts that you will surely have at this moment:

  • Will my article be successful? Will it be shared?
  • Do I offend someone? What if some haters infamous me?
  • If my blog is not successful what will I do in life?

I show you the remedies for these fears.

The ability to know how to write in correct English (review grammar!), to be able to intrigue, excite and persuade people (copywriting and storytelling), to be able to position your article on the front page (SEO) will be able to mitigate your fears.

An article that creates value and that triggers an emotion (anger, joy, curiosity) will be shared on social media and will be successful.

➡ Knowing how to write articles and have the right blogging skills (SEO, copywriting, email marketing, knowledge related to WordPress, soft skills such as empathy, ability to solve complex problems …) will pay you back in the world of work even if your blog does not get the success you hoped for (imagine writing in your resume: founder of the blog “Your Niche” for X years in which I learned to …). 

A few words about haters. The constructive criticism is the best opportunity you can seize (think that most people who see something wrong in your site will stop to visit him without telling you why). If the criticism is not constructive, don’t pay attention to it. 

Don’t be afraid of failure.

We all fail at least once in our lives, especially in the beginning.

I Don’t Know What to Write in a Blog Post: Do Your Research

Most of the time, this problem arises from the choice of the wrong niche. That’s where you do not feed passions and you do not have the competence to transmit.

My advice is to close the project and reflect on the mistakes made to start an online business in line with your values ​​and skills.

Once you have chosen the right path you will always have something to tell your new fans! 

Do your research. 

This is the main stage for writing an article/report/ebook.

Find sources from which you can take inspiration. It helps you to provide top-quality content and to insert scientific/statistical evidence to what you say. 

If you need assistance with essays, academic assignments or blog posts, you can choose a professional custom writing service company to help you write papers online. 

Keep in Mind Your Target Audience 

When you write an article you must always keep your buyer personas in your mind, that is, the people (the target audience) interested in reading your blog so, you need to know the Secrets of Writing Top-Quality Content.

Here I just want to remind you that when you write you have to use a language that your target audience understands, a communication style that they like, solve their problem (for this you need to know what their fears, frustrations, anxieties are, what they do during the day etc…).

Also, ask yourself what is the purpose of your article:

  • advertising to an info product (commercial keywords);
  • lead generation (commercial and information keywords);
  • increase authority and provide value (informative keywords).

Use a Concept Map

A concept map is a phenomenal tool for structuring your articles.

I always use it as a planning tool for my articles and it helps me to distinguish the main topics from the secondary ones.

CTA aka Call to Action 

What is the purpose of your article? Why are you writing?

In different blog posts, your call to action can be different:

  • subscribe to the newsletter;
  • leave a comment on the article;
  • Share the article on social media;
  • visit a related page;
  • buy an info product;
  • any action you want the reader to do 

Why do I have to put calls to action?

Because the visitors to your blog will read your articles, solve their problems and leave forever and do that you need to know the Secrets of Writing Top-Quality Content.

Thanks to the CTAs you can make them perform the actions you want and guide them towards a path planned by you (transform the visitor into a lead through lead generation, from lead to customer with the sale, from customer to true fan with branding and community strategies).

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