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Top 5 SEO ideas one must follow

We live in the age of internet when every business owner wants to make their presence in the internet and here we are introduces with SEO. The main way to do it is creating appealing website. But creating a website is not enough. Be it small or big, businesses these days require the proper SEO service for their growth. Big businesses manage to do so, but the smaller ones lack at certain points. So, here are 5 tips for them.

Visually appealing website that is SEO friendly:

 We have to give emphasis on making a website that is going to be eye catchy. If you have a website or blog that is visually appealing, then there will be a great change for you to attract the visitors and make them stay on your website. Here some made mistake. Your website needs to be SEO friendly along with being visually appealing. A SEO friendly website is going to rank higher if it has the potential to rank. So, you have to take care of both visually appealing website that is SEO friendly at the same time.

Mobile friendly website for SEO:

The biggest mistake that any of the small business owners do is of not forming any website for their business. Even if they form one, they do not do the proper things that are required to run it accurately. If we talk about the most important step that you should take for the betterment of your website, then it should be to make it user-friendly. Now, the first user-friendly thing to do is making the website apt for mobile uses. Everyone now a day spends most of the time on mobile, so try to make your website mobile friendly first

1st point:

We are here talking about the SEO ideas, hence the focus will be on the online things only. The most important thing that one should focus upon is the customers. The feedback that they give is very important for the growth of your website. So, it is your duty to give the proper response to their feedback and then imply the suggestions that they have actually given to you. This will improve your website in every manner.

2nd point:

Along with that, you need to focus on their wishes and desire. What they want should be your first priority. You can keep an eye upon their activities online, which can actually help you in knowing what they actually want.

Google my business account is needed

This is actually the first thing that you need to do after you have started your business. Make your Google my business account and upload the details related to your business. You will be glad to know that this is absolutely free to do, but there are many benefits that you can actually get after the creation of this account. Once you have made your account on Google my business, then your website will appear in the searches, when people will try to get an info related to your field.

Keyword research for better SEO

Keywords are the main things in any content uploaded online and one focus on the appropriate keywords in the content. Remember that you have just started your business and therefore should not use the keywords that are used by major brands. Use a keyword research tool to find the perfect one for your website. Try to go for long tail keywords. Always try to rank your site on low competitive key words and the main service that you are offering. To rank in the Search engines you have to build links from other authority sites to get desired results.

Remain updated about SEO

If you have already started working for your website, you must be aware of the fact that there are certain rules and regulations that one needs to follow in order to run the website properly. Now, these rules could change at any point in time. So, keep yourself updated about your industry. Google changes their algorithm regularly. You have to read properly to stand ahead of the competition.  


So, these are all the 5 SEO tips for small businesses. If you are wondering why you are not getting the place you deserve, try following these steps and you will see the changes. There are some points to follow as well but there are the basics that you should follow to grow in the internet as a small business owner.

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