Wordpress cloud hosting

WordPress Cloud hosting

Did you know that WordPress is one of the fastest growing content management system, thus making it web professionals preferred choice? Most designers, start-ups, amateurs, bloggers and all those in web design and development have a liking for WordPress. However, every site runs on shared hosting until you become big enough to go premium. The shared servers run on multiple CMSs and apps, and therefore conflicts are experienced often. One of the things that you will be looking for in a web host is how much they charge, and you’ll most likely go for the dirt cheap. But how sure are you that is good enough for you? Read and find out more about WordPress Cloud hosting.

What is WordPress cloud hosting?

WordPress rides on the ‘divide and rule’ concept. Here, you have your website maintained by multiple servers so that in case of any malfunction of the primary server, the chances of downtime are reduced significantly. Again, with WordPress, you can manage your peak loads efficiently without facing bandwidth issues. Your WordPress website relies on a cluster of servers commonly known as the “cloud.” How it works is that if there is a failure in one of the servers, another one kicks in as a backup and offers the same support resources.

The benefits of WordPress cloud hosting

  • The pricing structure is flexible.

Imagine a style of hosting where you only pay for what you use. This is what you are guaranteed when you have WordPress cloud hosting. This would mean that if your post is gone viral or your site is attracting unusually high traffic, you might not need to upgrade your package. Thus, when there is a traffic surge, you can scale your resources up and down when the situation returns to normal. Therefore, with WordPress cloud hosting you don’t have to pay for high hosting fees all the time.

  • Easy to scale the server resources

How would you feel when you have an intuitive site management dashboard that allows you to view the performance of the site in real time? Therefore you wish, you can scale the server resources down or up, and here you don’t need any approval from the host.

  • 100% uptime assured

WordPress cloud hosting operates on multiple servers and therefore in case of a fail by one, there is a backup. With the traditional hosting, your site uptime depends on an environment supported by a physical server and when it is offline, and then your website goes down.

  • Server set up process is fast.

Deploying a cloud-hosting server is done in record time. Unlike the traditional set-up, you only need to get a setup company that is reliable and has experience. In a few hours, you’ll have everything up and running.

  • Minimal server hardware issues

One of the dangers that servers are prone to hacking, hardware failure, and system overload. WordPress cloud hosting isolates your servers from the physical server issues. In case of compromise of the server, resources from another server in the environment can be utilized without downtime issues.

  • Improved website performance

Cloud servers will offer you fantastic site speeds. In addition to increasing the site’s capacity, there is more natural load balancing within multiple server environments. Therefore, there is no strain on the resources of a single server.

When looking for a cloud host, get one with multiple caching layers low density and premium server hardware.

  • Perfect for sites with scalable traffic

For you to get value for money from your site, you must ensure that your traffic levels are stable. With WordPress cloud hosting you can efficiently manage the server resources. No other hosting style has this level of scalability.

Why waste time when you can have a reliable host who will ensure that your site is up all the time? Look for a reputable WordPress cloud hosting company today and get value for money and get proper SEO value.

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