What Kind Of Phone Do I Have? 

The age of smartphones, where new models launch almost every other month, makes it difficult for a person to remember what kind of phone do I have. It is valuable to know details that would help one establish compatibility with the latest applications, the decision to sell off the device, or mere curiosity about the type of smartphone one uses. This detailed blog aims to assist you in determining your phone type, providing methods applicable to all mobile phone brands and operating systems.

The Relevance of Knowing Your Phone Type:

Understanding the model of your smartphone is an important thing because of several reasons. It can help you:

  • Check whether your device is compatible with some apps or software updates.
  • Find appropriate accessories, like cases and screen protectors.
  • Seek accurate support or warranty services.
  • Evaluate the phone’s value if you plan to sell or trade it in.

Universal Methods To Find Out What Kind Of Phone Do I Have? 


#1st Method: Check the Phone’s Exterior:

Many manufacturers imprint the model name or number on the back or sides of the phone. This could be in small print near the bottom, under the camera, or on the edge where the SIM card tray is located. It’s the most straightforward method but might be challenging for phones with wear or those that keep this information exclusively internal.

#2nd Method Use the Settings Menu:

Both Android and iPhone devices offer information about the phone within the settings. For Android, navigating to Settings > About Phone reveals the model name and number, software version, and other details. iPhones store similar information in Settings > General > About, where you can find the model name, software version, and serial number. This method is highly reliable because it provides information directly from the device’s software.

#3rd Method Dial a Code:

Specific codes can be dialed in the phone app to reveal information. The universal code *#06# displays the IMEI number on almost all smartphones. This unique code can then be used on various websites to identify the exact model of your phone. It’s a quick method for obtaining detailed information without needing to navigate through the settings menu.

#4th Method Device Information App:

Several third-party apps can provide detailed information about your phone. These apps are designed to dig deeper into the device’s hardware and software specifications, offering a comprehensive overview of the model, processor type, memory capacity, and more. It’s an effective method for users seeking detailed specifications beyond just the model name and number.

#5th Method Look Under the Battery:

For phones with removable batteries, the space underneath the battery often contains a label with the model number, serial number, and sometimes even the manufacturing date. This method is becoming less common with the advent of phones with non-removable batteries but remains relevant for older models or specific brands that still offer removable batteries.

#6th Method SIM Card Tray:

Some manufacturers print the model number on the SIM card tray. You’ll need a SIM card ejector tool or a small paper clip to open the tray. Once removed, inspect the tray for any printed information. This spot is less exposed to wear, making it a reliable place to find model information on certain devices.

Brand-Specific Tips

  • Apple iPhones

Identifying an iPhone is relatively straightforward. Besides checking the About section in the Settings, you can also look at the physical design features that are unique to each model. Apple’s website offers a comprehensive guide on identifying iPhone models based on their physical characteristics.

  • Samsung Phones

For Samsung devices, the model number in the About Phone section is quite informative. The first part of the model number (e.g., SM-G991) can be searched online to reveal the exact model name, such as Galaxy S21.

  • Google Pixel

Google Pixel phones can be identified through the Settings > About Phone menu. The model name is typically displayed clearly. Pixel phones have a distinct design and naming convention, making them easier to identify.

  • Huawei

Huawei smartphones display their model number in the About Phone section within Settings. Given Huawei’s extensive range of models, an online search of the model number will specify the device you have.

  • OnePlus

OnePlus users can find their phone model by navigating to Settings > About Phone. The model name is usually straightforward and displayed prominently, reflecting OnePlus’s simple naming strategy.


Understanding what kind of phone do I have is more than a trivial pursuit; it’s a necessity in the modern digital landscape. Whether you’re troubleshooting, upgrading, or simply aiming to get the best out of your device, knowing your phone’s exact model is key. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily identify your smartphone, ensuring you’re well-informed about the device in your hands. 

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