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I am Sudarsan Chakraborty. I’m a professional writer and blogger. I’m always passionate about writing on various topics and started my career as a Ghostwriter. Then I’ve become Author and Contributor Of many Repute blogs across the world like Newswire.net, Beforeitsnews.com,Designfollow.com, Dwell.com, Educationviews.org and many more.

About Quality Tech Talk: Quality tech talk is a blog related to SEO, Blogging, Technology, and Business. I started this blog to share my experience with my readers. I always love to write on various topics so I started this blog along with the other popular blogs. It has a good number of organic traffic.

After that, I decided to run my own blog i.e. qualitytechtalk.com and Residencetalk to inform my readers about Technology and Home Information.