8 Benefits Of Display Advertising You Can’t Ignore

As a business owner, attracting new customers and keeping your brand top of mind is crucial to success. Display advertising, including banners, images, and text advertisements on websites and mobile apps, is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies do so. When implemented properly, display advertising provides benefits that expand your reach, increase traffic, boost conversions, and support long-term growth.

1. Build Brand Awareness

Display advertising is a highly effective way to increase exposure to your brand, product, or service. By prominently positioning eye-catching ads across websites your target audience frequents, you can significantly raise brand familiarity and recall.

Users generally tend to remember to display ads they’ve seen in the past, which enhances brand imprinting in their minds.

2. Capture Attention

Vibrant and engaging display ads are a great way to capture attention in a distracted digital landscape. Using striking images, animation, video and more can help your ad stand out in the clutter. Strategically placing larger ads, takeovers, and roadblocks on high-traffic sites further boosts visibility and clicks.

3. Increase Traffic

Display ads are a proven driver of traffic to websites. By prominently featuring call-to-action buttons in your ads like “Learn More” or “Shop Now,” you can drive interested users to your site to take a desired action. Geotargeting ads to show only to users within a local area is useful for driving in-store traffic as well.

4. Target Specific Audiences

Advanced ad targeting options allow you to show your display ads only to your desired audience segments based on their demographics, interests, behaviors, location, and more. You can laser-focus your ads on your most likely potential customers. AdvertisingHub.com and other ad platforms provide detailed targeting capabilities to reach your perfect audience.

5. Build Relationships

Display advertising allows you to repeatedly expose your brand to users over time to build familiarity and trust. They become accustomed to your brand message and associate positive feelings with your brand, improving brand perception and the likelihood of future interactions or purchases. Establishing long-term exposure and consistency is key.

6. Prioritized Investment

When a budget needs to be allocated across multiple marketing channels, display advertising provides a way to precisely control how much is spent on impressions, clicks, conversions, and specific audiences. This allows you to optimize investment based on campaign goals and the performance of ads to maximize return on ad spend. Underperforming tactics can be adjusted or reallocated as needed.

7. Better Conversions

The purpose of any ad is to generate a desired outcome or conversion, which in display advertising means driving traffic and leads that convert into customers and clients. Well-designed display ads that are targeted to willing audiences and include clear calls-to-action boost the chances of conversion at each impression and click.

8. Inspired Customer Journey

Display ads that follow potential customers along their journey from initial awareness to research to purchase provide a tailored, engaging experience at each step. Your message and offers evolve based on where people are in their journey, building trust and familiarity until they become customers. You can guide them to the optimal path for converting your business.

To Wrap Up

Display advertising delivers a comprehensive set of benefits that combine to boost your business and brand. When implemented strategically through a reputable ad network, display ads can profoundly impact your business, and maximize ROI. With the power to transform how you market and connect with customers digitally, display advertising is an opportunity not to be overlooked.

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