6-Step Guide for Your First Gaming Tournament

Pro gaming is constantly gaining more popularity, especially now when we’re forced to stay indoors. Not only that there are more professional players you can watch online, but you can also take part in real gaming tournaments. These tournaments are extremely fun and some of them pay six-figure salaries. Of course, being a pro gamer requires a lot of hard work and dedication. If you think you’re good enough and you had enough practice, the only thing left to do is to sign up for a tournament. In case nerves and uncertainty are holding you back, here’s a 6-step guide that’ll help you prepare for your first gaming tournament.

Just go through with it

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re still trying to decide whether to sign up for a gaming tournament. No matter what kind of tournament we’re talking about, go and sign up right now. The only reason you haven’t done it already is what experts call FUD. FUD stands for fear, uncertainty, and doubt – the three things stopping you from competing in a gaming tournament. Fear is natural when it comes to any competitive sports and dealing with it isn’t tough. The only way to overcome fear is to realize that everyone in the audience just wants to watch their favorite game being played. Most of them won’t even learn your name. To beat uncertainty and doubt, sign up for a tournament and experience it first-hand.

Don’t make any huge changes

One of the biggest mistakes players make when competing in tournaments is letting it disturb their schedule. Just because you’re entering a gaming tournament doesn’t mean you should start playing twice as much. Also, don’t start taking hours away from sleep just so that you could play more before the big tournament. The more changes you make before the event, the less secure you’ll be once you show up. Just stick to what you usually do and you’ll perform at your best. There’s no reason to let anything throw you off your rhythm. If the tournament takes place in another city or state, make sure you arrive there early and give yourself some time to adjust.

Create your practice routine

We already talked about how you shouldn’t let the tournament mess up your schedule. While that is true, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be practicing for it. In fact, practicing is one of the key things you have to do before the event. So, instead of playing the game the way you usually do, you should create a practice routine and stick to it as much as possible. Pay no attention to your score or whether you’ve won or lost. Practicing is all about taking your skills to the next level and not about the result. For example, if there’s a Fortnite maneuver you struggle with, keep doing it until you become good at it.

Learn all the rules

Unless you want your first gaming tournament to be an unpleasant experience, learning all the rules on time is a must. You’re used to playing the game the way you usually do but most tournaments come with their own sets of rules and regulations. This means that, depending on the game, there might be some characters, guns, or maneuvers that are banned from use. Becoming familiar with those can also help you avoid being disqualified from breaching the rules. Some tournaments even have lists of things you’re not allowed to bring to the tournament including things such as caps and tablets. In addition, tournaments are usually strict when it comes to taunting and trash-talking.

Do your homework

In order to perform well in your first gaming tournament, you have to do a lot of practicing. However, there’s more you need to do if you want to rank as high as possible. The web offers all the information you need, especially when it comes to gaming. In other words, there are so many videos of pros playing that you can study and use to uplift your game. Moreover, many players share their stories from old tournaments and you can use them to prepare mentally for playing under pressure. Last but not least, you can learn more about gaming tournaments in general. For example, if you’re participating in an iGaming tournament, you can find out how slot tournaments work by visiting sites like AskGamblers.

Have fun

It’s important not to forget that gaming tournaments are all about having fun. Just by showing up, you’ll meet plenty of gamers who love the same games you do. You may even end up meeting your future teammates and form bonds that will last forever. Sure, winning the tournament would be amazing. Not only that you’d be considered the best in the game but you might get to take home money or free gaming equipment. However, even if you don’t win, you’ll be richer for a new experience and you’ll know how to prepare for the next tournament. Just enjoy the whole experience and nothing will go wrong.

Over to you

Participating in your first gaming tournament is fun and exciting. Follow this 6-step guide and you’ll be ready to show everyone just how good you are at your favorite game.

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