Methods to Make Money Online Without Investing a Lot

Have you been looking to create a passive source of income because there is more free time on your hands due to pandemic? Or maybe you have had an idea of switching careers because you are no longer happy with your current job?

There are a lot of opportunities to make money on the internet, and a number of them do not require that much investment. It is all about willingness to learn and try multiple ideas if the first one does not work in your favor.

The methods mentioned below should be the ones you need to consider. And remember that every bit of experience is valuable, especially if you are not that familiar with how making money online goes.

Method #1 – Print on Demand

Print on demand is a great method to start your journey of online marketing. The learning curve is relatively low, even for newcomers. Setting up a store will take time, but it is relatively easy. Moreover, by working with the likes of Printify, you will benefit from having low upfront costs with print on demand.

Such services provide you with pretty much everything you may need, and you are only left with marketing and coming up with designs.

One final thing to note is how you can create a joint venture with someone else. As the work itself requires quite a bit of time, finding a partner or two might be a good option.

Method #2 – Customer Support


The customer support department is something you can join with next to no experience. As more and more businesses are looking to shift more toward selling online, they need reps that can reply to customers all the time.

And while there are developments in bot AI, that is still not at a stage where replacing a real human being is a possibility. Look at where you can apply and take the chance given. It might be a bit hard at first before you get all the basics down, but things will pick up not before too long.

Method #3 – Virtual Assistant

Similar to customer support, becoming a virtual assistant is also a good learning experience. The work itself will vary depending on what you land, but expect a lot of monotonous and trivial stuff at first.

You can use the VA gig as a platform to take off after learning stuff and creating a network of connections. Working with established people who cannot take care of every little thing themselves is a great opportunity. Make the most out of it.

Method #4 – Blogging


Creating good content for a blog is a tough thing, but you will never know unless you try. Finding a reliable web hosting provider is not that hard, and that is pretty much all you need since setting up a WordPress site is quite simple.

Once you learn the basics, you will not have any issues publishing blog posts. As for monetization, it comes after you have gained a decent number of readers. Running ads, selling digital products, or even creating a crowdfunding page are some of the most popular monetization methods for a blog.

Method #5 – Freelancing Gigs

There are a lot of freelancing websites that you can register on and look for gigs. Having certain skills will land you more job offers. However, even if you are not a professional copywriter or graphic designer, there are still plenty of opportunities.

Data entry and research are good examples of how you can start building your profile on a platform with positive reviews, which will ultimately lead to better job offers.

Method #6 – Social Media Management


Social media management might seem like a simple thing on the surface, but the reality is quite different. Creating content, interacting with an audience, knowing the ins and outs of different platforms, and managing ad campaigns require learning. If you can become someone who is good with social media sites, finding work should be rather easy.

Method #7 – Streaming

Streaming on Twitch TV and other platforms have made a lot of money for quite a few people. And they continue to make more than most jobs pay. Some were lucky; others simply have the charisma and can attract huge viewer numbers.

Trying your luck is also something worth considering. Creating a profile on Twitch is free, and you do not have to spend a lot of time setting it all up. Just find what you are interested in and try to appeal to other people by showing what you can do. It can be gaming, cooking, music, or anything else that you believe to be entertaining or education. The goal is to get views and turn them into subscriptions, donations, and sponsorships deals later.

Method #8 – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been around for a while. You can still make bank with it. And now, there are more services than just Amazon and ClickBank, meaning that you have more options to choose products or services.

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