8 Signs Your Employee May Be Considering Finding A New Job

Employee retention is a crucial aspect of management, but you will lose employees no matter how hard you might try. Still, the objective is to keep your workers satisfied and motivated, which is why some companies use a virtual background with logo or encourage team environments.

While losing an employee is often inevitable, you still need to ensure you have an entire team. Therefore, you need to be on the lookout for signs a team member might want to leave, allowing you to be prepared.

1. Decrease in Work Productivity

When someone is unhappy at work or considering a career shift, their productivity will likely drop. After admiring backgrounds for Google Meet, you might notice that the worker is less interested in the virtual meeting. Perhaps they are satisfied doing the bare minimum.

2. Less Interested in Pleasing Management

Perhaps a worker used to go the extra mile to please management, maybe figuring out a unifying custom Zoom virtual background or taking the initiative on a project. When the team member is thinking about moving on, they may become less interested in pleasing management. They may try to fade into the background.

3. Drop in Attendance

Is the worker taking several unexplained personal days or showing up tardy. Unexplained absences or tardiness can occur when an employee is trying to balance interview schedules with work. You might want to pull them aside and ask if there is anything you need to be concerned about.

4. Non-Commital

When an employee is actively pursuing other options, they will likely commit to less for their current employer. They will not throw their hat in the ring for long-term projects because they do not know how much longer they will be with the company.

5. Distancing Themselves

Have you noticed the employee stepping away from social groups at the office? Do they no longer participate in water cooler chat or try and participate in group activities? A person may distance themselves to make a move or exit easier.

6. Failing To Engage in Team Discussions

A significant aspect of team engagement is participating in team discussions. When a person stops participating, they might be thinking about a move. However, their quietness could be a hint that something else is going on.

7. Using Personal Phone More Often

Have you noticed the employee using their personal phone more often during work hours? Many people will need to field calls when they are applying for jobs and waiting for responses from interviews.

8. Not Interested in Advancement

When most people join a company, they are motivated to advance. If you notice that an employee’s drive has stopped and they no longer seek advancement, it can mean they are not happy and are seeking employment elsewhere.

Obviously, you cannot take any of the above signs as absolutes. Each sign can be representative of other hardships or issues. If your employee is becoming distant or showing other signs, it is best to pull them aside and have a discussion.

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