Commercial Testing and Tagging Power Tools: A Complete Guide

We all depend on electrical appliances from different life aspects, from tools to phones and computers. But while many people use electrical tools every day, most don’t think of potential dangers, which pose serious threats when precautions aren’t taken. This is where commercial testing and tagging power tools come in.

What is Testing & Tagging?

It refers to inspecting appliances for damage by a reliable technician. Once technicians are assured that appliances are safe to inspect, items’ polarity, insulation, and earthing can be tested to ensure electrical safety.

Companies should conduct regular test and tag practices to ascertain that electrical appliances are safe to use as per workers’ health and safety standards.

Why Test & Tag Power Tools?

Testing and tagging portable appliances in a workplace is a vital safety measure. Some reasons to test and tag tools may include keeping premises safe and duty of care.

Testing and tagging not only protect people in business. The process as well protects business premises and their stock and content. In addition, testing and tagging can protect you against faulty electrical equipment. A faulty electrical appliance may start fires, which cause can damage to your business.

As a business manager and owner, you also have the duty of care to every individual who visits or works in your business to protect their safety. Testing and tagging portable appliances used in a business is part of your obligation to your clients and team. Failure to take measures to ensure the safety of your business can lead to being held accountable for any injury or damage resulting from electrical accidents.

What Kind of Electrical Tools Are Tested & Tagged?

Devices, which have flexible cables and removable plugs aren’t low voltage. This may include portable RCDs, cord sets, and extension leads. But in general, electrical equipment can be classed into the following:

  • Class II – These are double-insulated tools often identified with symbols or words. This can be square within a square or ‘double insulated.’
  • Class I – These are earthed appliances, which may include toasters, irons, and kettles.

How Do You Choose Testing and Tagging Service Providers?

If your business depends on electrical equipment, you already know how important commercial testing and tagging are. Many businesses have closed because of debts they have incurred to compensate workers who get injuries in the workplace.

To counter this, you must ensure you avail of testing and tagged services. But choosing a testing and tagging service provider who isn’t qualified or competent for the job is similar to not doing the process even in the first place.

This is why it is imperative to look at the provider’s reputation. With this, you will ensure that the electrical appliances are safe and motivate workers to work extra hard. Other tips you can consider are:

1. Prioritizing Positive Testimonials

When choosing a testing and tagging service, you will need to ask for recommendations and make sure you reach out to previous clients. To do this, you will need to research social sites and review previous clients’ reviews. When a service provider has a bad testimonial and review, it is a red flag. But if reviews are positive, it means the service provider offers quality services to clients. But be wary of some service providers as they make their own reviews.

2. Look at the Qualifications

You need a testing and tagging service provider who is qualified to provide you with quality services. Faulty electrical equipment may easily take away life, and that is reason enough to choose a service provider wisely.

Always ask a service provider to show their qualifications. This will help to make sure your electrical equipment is not mislabeled, making your mind at peace.

3. Check the Experience

At times, people choose providers based on the price alone. While this is thoughtful, this is not the only factor that determines the dependability of a testing and tagging service provider. You will also have to consider experience.

A reliable service provider must have enough experience under their belt. So don’t hesitate to ask the provider about the number of years they have been offering testing and tagging services.

Final Thoughts!

Doing commercial tests and tag to power tools is an important procedure. This is because it protects your business from potential fire hazards and minimizes hazards, which can jeopardize the safety of your workers.

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