The Top 10 Best Apps for Your New Mac

So, you already bought yourself the famous Apple MacOS device ready to see your business achieve great things. Congratulations! But you’re not yet ready to skyrocket your productivity with this new device without some necessary ingredients.

Behind the aesthetic appeal, stability, and efficiency that come with macOS, there are some features and apps that you must add on your own to improve its productivity. Fortunately, some of the best productivity apps for Mac are easy to download and install in your device.

But what are those apps and what’s their contribution to your business? Read through this article to find the ten best productivity apps for Mac and see the ones that you can download.

1. AdGuard

Ads, upsells, and all types of pop-ups can interfere with your browsing time and consume a lot of time. These ads can even slow down your device’s performance and consume a lot of your productivity time. Luckily, there is a stand-alone app that can help you get rid of the ad, and that’s AdGuard.

AdGuard mac apps allow you to choose from an array of filters that help block all those intrusive media extensions, URL directs, and pop-up ads, among others. This helps both your browser and other apps you have in your computer work efficiently.

2. Libre Office

If you’re going to use your new Mac for typing and writing staff, then the best app that you can install is the Libre Office. With this, you’ll not have to spend money for Microsoft Office, deal with Apple’s default office suite, or work entirely on the cloud with Google’s G Suite.

Libre Office comes with full features starting from the usual application consisting of Word Processor and spreadsheet editor. The app is compatible with all Office documents; hence you won’t have trouble opening those documents that you already have, and it’s free of charge.

3. AppCleaner

When you own any PC, you need to maintain it to ensure its efficiency. Luckily, you can easily clean up your Mac and clear all unwanted apps that might otherwise make your device slow down. The app also identifies other files running at the background of your PC or buried elsewhere.

What’s more, AppCleaner is available for you free of charge. It’s a free donation app made to help you keep your Mac clean, giving you a seamless performance.

4. LastPass

With all your subscriptions and all the accounts you own, you probably have a hard time keeping track of all your passwords. LastPass Mac app is here to help you manage all your apps and access them whenever you need them. This app doesn’t sync to Chrome extension.

The app comes with some nifty keyboard shortcuts to enable you to quickly search your password and save a lot of time. You don’t need to manually input your password which can be annoying. This app is the easiest and the fastest you’ll gain access to your passwords.

5. Disk Drill Pro

It’s normal for you to run on trouble with your Mac OS which involves losing files your computer or experiencing problems when trying to access your external USB drives. Disk Drill Pro is a perfect setup collection for your Mac and iOS devices that will help you solve this problem as soon as possible.

Disk Drill Pro is a recovery app that can help you recover any type of data without any problems. Whether you lose your data due to corruption, error disk, or you accidentally delete files, Disk Drill Pro will help you find them.

6. Google Chrome

Chrome is considered one of the best browsers you can install in your new Mac. The browser boasts of fast speed and the ability to automatically sync your information such as recent searches, bookmarks, open searches, and much more. It has robust customization as well as an instant search capability.

You’ll surely benefit from this browser set of features, high speed, and extensive ecosystem. It’s one of the first apps you should install as soon as you get your new Mac.

7. Day One

Day One is among the best mac apps for interactive purposes. The app helps you stay organized with your work with separate tabs for texts, reminders, photos, and tags. If you’re a journalist, this app is perfect for inserting photos, exporting logs, and saving your voice recordings.  

Day One is also your number one password protection which protects your PC from authorized access and spying eyes. All your entries are end-to-end encrypted, backed-up, and protected with either biometrics or passcodes. You can access the free version of this app or get more features with the paid version.

8. PDF Expert

PDF is an important app for working with your files, and you should never lack software that supports it in your Mac. It will make your work easier by allowing you to carry out important tasks such as filling out your forms as well as merging PDF files.

The app also comes with a host of tools enabling you to edit, assign, and annotate files on the fly. PDF Expert is perfectly compatible with your Apple Mac’s Continuity and Handoff features. You can easily use it to swap devices in the middle of your document without losing your work.

9. VLC Media Player

If you love to view videos either for work or entertainment, VLC Media Player is here to give you perfect viewing experience. Being one of the oldest video players, it’s amazing that the most current devices still support it.

VLC supports different types of file formats, and you can even use it to convert your files. The app also gives you a range of video and audio compression methods that enable you to make smaller files out of larger ones that are still in their raw format.

10. Magnet as One of the Best Productivity Apps for Mac

Managing your window when you’re using Mac is not easy, and you need an external app for it. Magnet is your app when it comes to perfect management of your window. The app lets you snap windows to the edges of your screen with preconfigured layouts saved across apps.

The app has support for your keyboard as well. Magnet is no doubt one of the must-have mac apps available at a very low price.

Your New Mac Is Nothing Without Apps

Even if Apple was to try their best to include many apps with their devices, it would still not be enough. People have different needs, and the list of apps that fulfill all these needs are different. Depending on your needs, take your time to find the best productivity apps for Mac and make your work easier.

Once you find your app, don’t forget to come back to this site for more tech information for running your business efficiently.

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