Different Types of data entry services

Many companies across the globe outsource different data entry services from experts specialized in handling various tasks. This allows organizations to manage complex projects without necessarily expanding their in-house teams. If you have been doing online data entry jobs, you may have offered different services to varying clients. Since every company is unique, it may need specific data entry services. Check out some of the types of data entry services that you can provide.

Online/ offline

Data entry services can be divided into two broad categories, namely offline and online. These differ in that you don’t need an internet connection to offer offline data entry services, while online data entry requires an internet connection to process data. When you offer offline data entry services, you can easily send the processed files to the company that needs them or transfer them to the database. If you want to conduct offline data entry jobs, you can start with simple tasks such as filling offline forms.

On the other hand, online data entry involves inserting data into a computer system while using an internet connection. Most people with data entry experience choose such jobs since they pay better than offline data entry tasks. Such services, however, involve a lot of work. Some of the online data entry tasks you can engage in include processing and updating an online database.

A company can ask you to insert product data on its e-commerce website or update software such as CRM. You only need basic computer skills to offer online or offline data entry services. You should be ready to dedicate your time to data entry since you may have to work on large volumes of work.

Data cleansing


A company’s database should be well organized to facilitate fast retrieval of information. If you work in data entry, you may sometimes be asked to offer data cleansing services. This involves organizing data that is found in a database and ensuring that it is accurate. You may have to keep on updating this information from time to time and removing any duplicated or inaccurate information. Some people refer to this type of service as data scrubbing. You may also be involved in updating CRM or researching particular information. If you need someone who can offer data cleansing services.

Data processing


Many organizations also hire people who can do data processing. This service involves collecting and modifying data so that it can be used in different ways. Experts in this service have to edit data so that it can serve a particular purpose in the future. Many organizations can benefit from data processing since it not only leads to a better way of retrieving information but also prevents the loss of data.

As times change, every business should try and keep up with technological advancements. People who offer data processing services gather raw data and process it to help companies keep up with trends. Apart from data extraction, other tasks that data processing experts engage in include entering claims, product editing, and accounting.

Data classification

If you have excellent organizing skills, you should consider offering data classification services to different companies. This involves organizing data into various categories based on particular characteristics. Though sorting a large volume of data may take time, you can help a company store information better to boost quick access. Apart from classifying and sorting data into specific categories, you may be involved in other tasks such as data annotation, indexing, and tagging.

Data conversion


Since paper records are not very relevant in this digital age, companies hire data entry experts to convert such documents into digital formats. If you have experience in data entry, you should not find data conversion very challenging. In a computer environment, data is often encoded in various ways.

Sometimes, you can be asked to convert information from one format to a different one, such as from pdf to XML or jpg to pdf. You can either do such tasks manually or use a unique conversion program. Data conversion also involves editing photos, transcribing audio, or copying data from some handwritten notes. Just like other services, you don’t need any advanced skills to do data conversion.

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