A Quick Guide To Proctoring Services

There are a number of ways in which online examinations are conducted. When it comes to taking online examinations it becomes a tough task to monitor the students. For helping out in the proper working of the exams and for a fair judgement there are different companies that offer help. The invigilators do not have the direct access to the students who are appearing for the exams and hence there is a need for proctoring. Students these days can use various methods of cheating and getting good results. This is not fair for the ones who actually work hard.

With the trend of online examinations growing it is a must to keep a check on the students so that they do not cheat. There are various methods that the students can use to cheat and to monitor them the proctoring services are implemented. The services are provided by the well trained and experienced companies so that there are no loopholes. These services leave no stone unturned to offer the best performance and help in the conduction of examinations in a smooth and productive manner. These services are of several types and provided in numerous manners.

However, you can effectively conduct exams fairly and transparently by choosing reliable proctoring services from top companies. This has already been seen as such businesses use the highest quality technologies to control multiple students at once. You will be required to administer tests for all the students simultaneously. Some top corporations worldwide are also using this process to perform online interviews for their recruitment process. With your online exams, you can also choose such techniques and get the best results.

There are various options that can help in the proper tracking of the methods being used by the students. It is easy to monitor them live so that you can check whether the same candidate is giving the exam or not. Also there are various methods that can help in the detection of any fraudulent practices going on. All you need to do is to hire the right services and get the best results without any hassles.


Auto monitoring 

While the option of live monitoring looks very convenient, it has some disadvantages. When you want to conduct exams on a large scale and have many students for one vigilante, that technique is not feasible. Other than that, only students can be physically monitored by the invigilator, and they will not be able to evaluate other modes used by candidates during the exams to cheat.

For this purpose, you need the assistance of virtual proctoring systems that use sophisticated software using AI to monitor the students’ activities. With such tools, the candidates’ surfing habits can easily be tracked along with internet usage on the candidates’ computers. It can give you a better insight into the online exam. During the session, access to other browsers besides the online exam will be blocked.

Live monitoring systems

Live monitoring systems are simply tracked during online assessments for students. Students can view and even communicate with students by using webcams during examinations through a chat window. Let us now understand why and how online exams will benefit from this technique.

You have to ensure that students are free of any lapses when performing online tests to manipulate the exam results. You must understand how students attempt to cheat for this reason during online tests. The most common trick is to take an examination by another candidate, an expert in that subject, on behalf of the original candidate. This can easily be solved if you have a live monitoring device. Let us now learn the various advantages of this method.

As this is the same as performing examinations at centers, you can rely entirely on this method. The surveillance officer can see the candidate directly and, if any suspicious activity exists, they can immediately inform the authorities and even notify the candidate of the same activity. The invigilator can communicate with the students through the chat window and ask them about the suspect activities. One single invigilator can track multiple candidates in this manner via the invigilator dashboard.

Recorded monitoring solutions

When you have a recorded video of the exam, the online exams can be easily analyzed later. For the invigilators and the organizers, this would help determine whether any malpractice was committed during the examinations. This kind of monitoring solutions can be highly effective.

This approach is useful if you do not have ample time to perform online evaluations. You do not need the assistance of an inspector in real time during this process. The online assessments are performed without interruption and the entire event is registered for further analysis. The audience checks the video to see if there is suspicious behaviour.

This would also strengthen the process and the outcomes of this reported tracking system. You will also benefit. If students notice that they use a few loopholes during online training, they can fix it in the future. Therefore it is impossible for the scanners to produce results directly after the tests, as every video must be checked and students tested later. For a perfect invigilation this is one of the best ways to monitor the work.

These are some of the reliable strategies used to perform online tests. You would be shocked to know that even major multinational corporations use these techniques for conducting online interviews, and they use these techniques daily. You can address your criteria with the service providers and get full details about how your online exams can benefit remote monitoring systems.

The great thing about these services is that they can be tailored according to your needs. You can get the best value for your money with such online systems since that means you can complete the process with limited means. Not only that, but you can perform better online exams while depending on such advanced monitoring systems.

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