Digital Documents: Utilizing PDFs How to Add Page Numbers to PDF Files

With the pandemic going on, a lot of offices and schools are now implementing work and lessons done at home. This is the best way to keep employees and students safe from the virus. Everything, from class discussions to quizzes or examinations, and assignment submissions are now done online. It’s pretty convenient for employees and students, rather than braving the streets every day to get to their destination, with the fear of catching the virus. All you need is a working computer and an internet connection to do everything that needs to get done. Working and studying at home will lessen the need to go out on a regular basis, which can help in lessening the number of infections.

Documents have gone digital

With all that we’ve mentioned above, many reading materials and documents are all digital. Most, if not all these digital documents are in PDF format. Companies and schools favor PDF files because they are easily accessible. Almost any electronic device and read the PDF formal with ease, without the need to download extra apps or plug-ins to access it. It is convenient and easily shareable with others because PDF files aren’t as hefty as other file types. Receiving or sending PDF files won’t take up much time or disk space. But with reading materials and documents in PDF format, when you need to “bookmark” a page, you may find it difficult to look for the page because the PDF document lacks page numbers. Well, let us help you out! If you are reading your PDF document on an electronic device or having it printed, there’s an easy and quick way for you to add page numbers to the document. In this article, we’ll be sharing how to add page numbers in PDF documents with a free online tool. Interested? Well, keep on reading!

Adding page numbers with PDFBear

If you haven’t come across PDFBear, then you’ve been missing a lot! Other than its add page numbers feature, it also lets you convert other file types to PDF format and the other way around. This is very useful for you as either an employee or student when it comes to sharing or sending your work or assignment with your colleagues, partners, teachers, or classmates. The PDFBear website is neatly laid out, so it won’t be difficult for you to navigate your way through. You’ll also be happy to know the PDFBear is free to use! There’s no need to make payments or subscribe to use its many different features. You don’t even have to download any unnecessary plug-ins or apps for it to work. So now, let’s dive into how to add page numbers to your PDF files.

Upload your PDF file

On the number pages page of PDFBear, upload your chosen PDF file by either selecting the file or clicking and dragging it to your web browser. Wait for the upload to finish. The upload will only take you a few seconds, so there’s no need to worry about wasting any time!

Position the page number to your liking

Once the upload has completed, you can now decide where you would like to place the page number on the pages of your PDF file. Whether it’s on the corners of your PDF file or on the bottom centre, it’s all up to you. PDFBear gives you the freedom to choose where you would like your page number to be positioned.

Download your newly-numbered PDF file

Once you’re happy with the placing of your page numbers, you can now download your newly-numbered PDF file. Click “Number pages” on the PDFBear website and wait for the download to finish. The download won’t take you long either, just a few seconds and your file is ready!

Wasn’t that easy?

Now, you can go about your work or school easily with numbered pages on your reading materials. Whether you’re reading them from your computer, tablet, smartphone, or having them printed out, you’ll easily be able to find what you’re looking for thanks to the pages being numbered! And with PDFBear, it didn’t even take you a long time. All you had to do was a few taps and clicks here and there. This also helps if you’re a teacher or lecturer giving out reading materials to your students, when discussing with the lesson, they can easily turn to the page without having to go through the whole document. It just makes everything much more convenient. So try PDFBear out for yourself! You’ll be wondering how you’ve been living without it before.

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