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Which are the best movie streaming sites

Day by day movie streaming sites gets very popular. People now a day don’t like to see old school television serials or broadcasts. The widespread availability of the Internet especially free movie streaming sites becomes a blessing for some of the movie lovers. You can enjoy online movies directly from your smartphone. There are two versions available on those online streaming sites one paid and one is free. If you opt for the free movie streaming sites then they will show you some advertisements. Once you paid the annual or monthly subscription then you can enjoy their online streaming services without any interruptions.

Here are some best free movie streaming sites as well as some paid ones:

  • 1: Netflix: Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming service providers all over the world. It is an America based company founded in 1997. It’s the most subscribed online video streaming service provider around the world. It’s not free for use rather Netflix charges monthly or yearly subscription fees for their streaming services. In Netflix, you can enjoy online series, movies, and other entertaining videos. They stream online and you will not use it. Netflix started to grow rapidly from 2016.

The most successful online streaming site Netflix is mostly popular for its online series. Throughout the world, Netflix is considered the best online streaming service. According to Google till now Netflix has over 158 million worldwide users. 

  • 2: Sony Crackle: As I mention in my description that I’ll discuss the best free movie streaming site as well, then here is one of the best for you. Sony Crackle is by far one of the highest-rated free movie streaming sites. Though it is not globally available yet, its main focus is in the USA. Sony Crackle as the name suggests is a partner of Sony entertainment and it offers you a wide variety of great quality Hollywood movies for free. As it provides free service, it shows you advertisements during your watch time. As per user review, the ads they show are not for a long time that means you can enjoy the movies easily.
  • 3: Amazon Prime Videos: Here is another online video streaming giant company. As the name suggests it a streaming service by Amazon. They provide paid services but the great thing about them is that you provide a one-month free subscription for the trail. During that free month, you get access to all of their paid videos. They are one of the best online movie broadcasters. If you get the subscription from then either monthly or yearly then you can avail of some shopping benefits as well as free delivery and fast delivery, early access to their offers, etc. You can go for high-quality Tv Shows, Movies, and some unique content in high quality without any ads. They are the partners of Viacom Entertainment so; you can enjoy all the shows from Viacom. So you definitely go for it and enjoy some quality time.
  • 4: YouTube: as we are discussing online streaming service providers then we should not forget about the giant of this industry. YouTube is a video streaming service by online giant Google. We all are totally aware of the name of YouTube as is available almost all over the world. It has billions of active users daily. The main reason for their success is that they allow individuals to create and upload videos and even earnings out of their good work. I mention YouTube here as they also provide free movie streaming services as well. Though some of the movies are paid some of them are free for their users. It is available mostly in the USA and India.
  • 5: Hulu: Hulu is another very popular online movie streaming service provider. It can show almost all the popular cable shows in the USA. Like Amazon Prime videos it provides free trial then they will charge subscription fees. In Hulu you can enjoy live sports, kid’s programs, New and classic movies and some of their original contents. It is very popular in the USA and people there use this as the substitute for cable programs. It is not available outside the USA.
  • 6: Yahoo View: A Yahoo view is very popular in the USA. It is not publically available out-side the USA. But don’t get panic you can use Vpn to access from anywhere. It provides a lot of shows including free movie streaming in usa. Yahoo! Views offer you a lot of reality shows, TV shows, movies, fresh documentaries from some big networks like ABC, Fox, and NBC, etc. Its layout is very user-friendly and you can see contents in very good quality.

If you are from the USA or use VPN to access free streaming movies and TV series in full high definition quality, Yahoo Views can be a great choice for you.

  • 7: Yidio: It is also a good source of online movie streaming services. It is accessible but not completely free. They offer some great quality content once you visit their site or access through apps. It offers a lot of content to you like TV shows, movies, and even some documentaries. You can enjoy some time watching here as well.
  • 8. Khoimovie: When it comes to online streaming services Khoimovie is also another source to talk about. It’s basically an app-based online movie streaming services. It’s a great source of entertainment for those who like to see online movies and some TV shows as well. You can definitely check this out.
  • 9. Vumoo: The list of best free movie streaming sites is not going to be completed if we don’t mention Vumoo. It’s one of the best online free movie streaming sites available publically. They have about 60k+ free movies available on their site. They also play third party shows. The interface is user-friendly and you can easily get what you need through the smooth navigation.
  • 10. Hotstar: Hotstar is available in India and is one of the most popular online streaming service providers around India. You can watch Tv serials, live sports events like IPL matches, Live India matches and many more. They offer premier of new movies. Their service is not totally free but you can enjoy some of their services for free.
  • 11. Jio Cinema App: Jio Cinema is the movie streaming app from the biggest 4G VoLTE network in India. They offer this app for the Jio SIM users only. Jio users can enjoy movies from the Jio Cinema library online using Jio 4G network. This is a free app not for premium charges. Along with jio cinema, Jio has one another app Jio tv for watching online live tv channels. Users can enjoy movies from tv channels via Jio tv app too. Both these apps are exclusively for Jio customers.

Verdict on best movie streaming sites: Here in this post I try my best to put together some of the most popular online movie streaming sites. Some of them are free and some of them are paid. In above mentioned 10 sites you can enjoy free movies in high quality.

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