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How to make an appealing website

Now a day almost everyone has access to internet. We can say that we live in the era of technology. The era of technology has made it mandatory to have an online presence and start with a fully fledged appealing website. But when it comes to traditional business, you always think a lot about building your online presence. While making your online presence, you need to take a deep breath and think about what to include in your appealing website.

Here are some important points that you should consider while building your appealing website or blog. Even if you are thinking to start your career as a blogger, You must consider these points to make it look attractive.

Create Spacious Homepage for your Website:

Gone are the days when you need to build a homepage with maximum components in order to serve the most to your users. But today, the simpler your homepage is the appealing it looks. So, while designing your homepage, make sure you don’t mess it with too many graphics and components. Keep it simple and use soothing color schemes.

Always use High Quality Image for an appealing website:

In most of the cases, a graphic designer considers the website layout more than anything else. But in this, the developer avoids the importance of HD photos that brings a new and appealing look to your website. To build good user-experience, you should always consider creating high-quality graphics that can enhance the overall engagement of the user. The internet can easily prove you stock photos free of cost. You can use those images within editing or can edit them as per your website theme.

Make the Website or blog Mobile Friendly:

Google, the tech giant, has taken a step forward by delivering mobile-friendly websites to its users more than non-responsive websites. And as there are more than 80 percent mobile users over the globe, you should also prepare yourself to serve your mobile users. The responsible behaviour of your website will not only enhance your ranking in search results but also deliver good user experience in small handheld devices.

While designing the appealing website make it clear without much unnecessary aspects:

While designing a new website, you should build a clear and easy to approach navigation bar. This will help your user to better connect with inner pages of your business website. Whether you op a sticky or traditional navigation bar, it’s important to keep it prominent for the reader to retain your users and build better connectivity with your content. Similarly, maintain a footer that can help the reader connect with your social presence as well as reach you via contact mail/contact us form.

Always mention Google HTML to Text Ratio:

Being a technical aspect of your website, you should try to build the least code as compared to the available text on your website. With right HTML to text ration, your website will become capable of ranking better in search results as well as loads quickly. You can even use numerous backend tools like compression too, CND, etc. to make your website lead quickly.


So, your website must build an unforgettable impression on the users. The homepage of your website will make a huge difference that can transform the entire user-behavior and hence can convert your users into customers. Once you can build positive impression through the compelling web design, the conversion rate will automatically increase. If you are able to design an appealing website or blog than it will help you to achieve your desired success and is going to look pleasant to the eyes of the visitors.

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