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8 ways to outrank your rival website on search engine rankings

Blogging might seem easy but it isn’t! Yes, it is in a way but when it goes hand in hand with SEO, the path becomes tough. Many bloggers have failed in this field just because they couldn’t handle SEO with their content. SEO will only and only get you traffic, links, page views, and money too. So, if you are worried that your rival is doing good and you are not, It is because of his SEO-handling. So, here is the list of 8 ways to outrank your rival website on search engine rankings:

1. Be regular in your content

According to Indiashoppers if you want to rank your website or blog higher on search engines, then you must be posting your content regularly on your blog or website- whatever you are onto. Your keyword occurrence must be around 2.5 percent which will help you rank high. The content must be good and efficient so that users trust your platform and visit your site again. If you are not making it interesting, no one will return to your blog.

2. Use catchy titles

Always go for catchy titles rather than making them too mainstream and long. Use keywords in your title or keywords having a long tail as people love to read such articles like “7 best players of Chess” or “7 best places to visit in Mumbai.” These titles catch a bigger audience and entertain them. But, going for a boring cliché title will make your audience go bore. So, going for creativity is a great option for you when it comes to titles.

3. Website speed matters

Nowadays everyone wants to see things faster than lightning- when it comes to browsing. What’s more, the same goes for the sites! People need the sites to load quickly and they can see the content in a faster way. Imagine if you are having a website that pops up tons of ads and nonsense and your customer is fed up with all that. For what reason would he return? Indeed, ads are significant for monetizing however they decrease site speed as well. So, get rid of the cluttering CSS and JavaScript codes to make your site load quicker.

4. AMP versions are faster

Make an AMP version of your website and Google is going to opt for it when it comes to SEO check. AMP websites are light and load quickly without any holes left in content. You get to see everything, every content but not heavy ads and JavaScript. AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages load websites quicker in a more simpler layout and the reader gets to see the content without any disturbance.


If you are having a website that is secured with HTTPS, then Google pays more attention to your website. So, grab an SSL certificate for your website and then you might not struggle to get on top of search engine rankings. Also, a website with an SSL certificate is not easy to hack but the HTTP ones can be hacked easily and your content can be jeopardized.

6. Alt tags are mandatory

Don’t forget to give “Alt Tags” to all of your pictures which you use in your blog. Google in general lookout for these tags whenever a search query is made by a user and if the query is matched with “alt labels”, the results pop up on the first page and start ranking high. Suppose somebody queried “Killshot” in Google Search and nobody has composed an article on that but only 4-5 sites. If you are utilizing “alt labels” having Killshot” in it, at that point you have the most obvious opportunity to get the top positioning. You can apply for Digital Marketing Jobs to know about this field.

7. Link your articles internally

Articles must be glued to your website if they are related to each other. If you have written something on “Football” and the next article is related to this game too, so the best case scenario is to link them. Imagine a user who is interested in the “Football” article and loves it, he/she will surely go to the linked article to know more about it. By this, your bounce rate will go down and on-site time by a user increase.

8. Get as many backlinks as you can

Getting back-links is something you should not avoid- remember, whatever it takes! It helps in increasing not only your digital presence but also increasing domain authority. It will help your website a lot in terms of gaining traffic for your site. Try to get back-links from quality websites and traffic bump on your site will increase substantially. You will get more visitors which will entertain users and your website might start coming on higher pages of search engine.

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