How Can you Convert Your Web Traffic to be Your Customer?

When we start our web page and start getting traffic then along with that, we want to convert that web traffic into our customer. Because this is the most common problem in online business. To convert your web traffic to be your customer you have to make some strategies. 

In this article, we will tell you the few important steps that you can do to help you get more customers for your own business or clients. 

Consider the below steps to convert your web traffic to be your customer.

Make fast website

First, you should increase your website performance, which should be fast. Must be open with 1 click. Because people have left many websites before they took a long time to load. Nobody has so much time. 

To increase your website performance, you can install a content delivery network (MaxCDN). Which is inexpensive and offers a free trial. When you make your website fast, the user experience of your visitors will increase your page views. You can hire experts to handle your web design if you aren’t familiar with this. You have to simply let them know how you want your website to look and the features and pages you will be needing. 

So, this will help you to convert your web traffic to be your customer. 

Try to write engaging content

This is not about creating content. The thing is that your content must be engaging for ‘viewers’ to consume. You should interestingly present your content, which must be easy to understand and easy to read. 

You can also add videos, images, data, or slide presentations to your content to make that more entertaining. 

Try to write your content as if you are talking with a single person. Try to give answers to all comments. 

These points definitely will help you to convert your web traffic to be your customer. 

Make a landing page

You should create a landing page on your website where your visitors can sign up to access it. A landing page is a web page where a visitor can arrive. On this page must have a form to collect a visitor’s information through that form. 

In short, the landing pages are web pages, but not all web pages are landing pages, consider this. Once you start promoting your landing page with marketing campaigns then you can convert your web traffic to be your customer. 

Use of form

After making a landing page, you have to add forms for your visitors. This form will give you a piece of information about your visitors. You can use that information to give them something back in return or any offers. 

The form must be easy to fill for visitors to become a lead. Your form should include 3 main things to get information about the visitors, that’s are: name, email address and a job title. 

Do not take forms for granted, keep an eye regularly on your page and try to work best for your prospects. 

Add a thank-you page

A thank-you page is a page which your customer sees after the confirmation of their orders. This thank-you page will confirm their purchase and can successfully sign up for your newsletter. 

Thank-you pages are very helpful for keeping your visitors engaged. You can also use this for secondary conversion opportunities.  

Add high-converting elements

High-converting elements can convert your web traffic to be your customer. Some examples are the logo of a company that trusted you and other things like social shares, testimonials, and guarantee seal. By adding these elements to your landing page, you can increase your conversion rates. And you can get more customers.  

Create high converting CTAs

Call-to-action (CTA) is the action that you want visitors to take. It could be ‘call now’, ‘download an e-book, or ‘learn more’. You can place a CTA anywhere on your website in a form of a word or graphic. CTAs are important in starting the promotion of your website. Later this will convert your web traffic into your customer. 

The easiest way to start CTAs is by answering the ‘why’ question. For example, if you have the answer of why should your customer buy your product? You can use a CTA ‘buy 2, get 2 free’ or ‘Get 20% Discount Now’.

These tips will boost your traffic and will convert your web traffic to be your customer. 

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