Some Important facts about blogging: Must Read

Are you a blogger or willing to start a blog then you should know some basic but important facts of blogging. You need to know these important facts about blogging so that you do not do any of these mistakes. A blogger has to invest some amount of money in purchasing a top-level domain name, a hosting plan, a theme, and some plugins if needed. You can start blogging for free but as a blogger myself I cannot recommend you to do so. Some bloggers earn money from the free domain and hosting but if you want to be a professional, you should spend some money and go for paid ones.

Mistakes on Domain and Hosting Purchase:

The first mistake that new bloggers make is that generally they do not research the matter of blogging. I highly recommend you to go and search over this matter. You should learn about how to buy a domain name? How to purchase and where to purchase a hosting plan for a cheaper price? You should learn the basics of WordPress as it is very essential. Then comes the main point of content writing. As we have heard content is the king, it is really true. You need to have good command overwriting.

Important Facts about Blogging: Content Writing:

In the above paragraph, I said content is the king and it’s 100% true. You should not outsource content as it will hike your expenses. Rather you should start writing good quality content. Before start writing content, I advise you to read how to write SEO friendly content. You should not just copy and paste the content as it will make your site spammy. You need to have basic knowledge of Headings and sub-headings of each and every content you write.

Doing proper keyword research:

I have noticed this issue in most of the bloggers. Some bloggers lack this aspect and only for this they are not able to get organic traffic in their blogs. As a blogger, you should know properly the keyword research. Try to find out those terms that people search for. Write a unique and highly informative content on that topic that will serve the purpose of those who come to your blog. Do not just write anything on that topic and do keyword stuffing. It is the most important facts about blogging and you should master this topic.

Proper Link Building:

I must say this is the most important aspect and most of the bloggers, I mean it most of the bloggers fail here. They just looking for the link and put the URL here and there to get links and in the long term, it will harm the blog and your blog will go into spam. Never ever do this. Keep in mind one good link is way far better than 100 garbage links from forums, spammy sites, Blog commenting or creating profile backlinks, etc. Try to approach other bloggers with good blogs. Offer them good content and ask for links. It will be a great method.

Important Implementations:

After accessing WordPress most of the bloggers just installing plugins for everything. Rather you should know about the necessary plugins you should install in your WordPress. Then you must make your site HTTPS. You can do it easily with the help of Cloudflare. Come to income sources of blogging. If you are a blogger or thinking to start blogging as a part-time or full-time career then you should know how you can earn as a blogger? There are several ways like Google ads or any ads, via link building, Affiliate marketing etc. Keep these important facts about blogging in mind and you can succeed in blogging.

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