How to make a post attractive and SEO friendly
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How to make a post attractive and SEO friendly

SEO is a process of optimizing websites for better placement of pages and posts on search engines such as Google. This is done using various techniques and is a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy. So, When you can apply proper techniques of SEO  you can bring more traffic to the website, increase brand awareness and result in higher sales and revenues. There are many techniques involved in search engine optimization.

Anyone can learn SEO and if you have a computer and internet connection you can work this job anywhere in the world.

Front load your title tag for your post

This is a very common-sense one but surprisingly many people will try and get too cute or “clickbait” with their title. If your article is, for example, how to make money in affiliate marketing, well you want to have that keyword right at the beginning of your title. Some people try to “clickbait” and type like “want to be your own boss read this now” and they completely leave out their keyword.

Use multimedia in posts

Using multimedia in a post is really important nowadays. Use of Multimedia can be a blessing and tou can attract readers. You want to have these videos, images, moving images, to be visually and aesthetically pleasing to the reader. If the reader shows up and sees just text, it is studied that he won’t stay long, and he will try to look at some other page even if he has everything he needs on this one. It is great to have some multimedia right on top, so they can see it in the beginning but not too big. People love to see videos and having video is very crucial to have the person stay on your page longer.

 Internal and external links in your post

When you have your post, of course, you’re going to want to have several links, both internal and external. An internal link is simply a link that takes the user or reader to another article on your website and conversely, an external link is one that takes your reader from your website to an outside website.

Even though from the outside looking in, you can’t tell which are internal and which are external. Google is looking at this with a whole different set of eyes. Google sees this link and they see the address or the URL that the reader is being taken to. Having links is crucial because search engines don’t look at your website as a dead end.

Always try to post long content

Usually, the question is how long is the long content? You don’t want a post that has only 300 to 400 words. With some research, people found out that an average length of a post is about 1900 words. There are a lot of studies related to article length they usually all say the same thing. Many people think when they start writing that this is too much, but with practice, it becomes much easier. Just being more detailed will help you a lot with the length of your posts. Even if the readers need some information that can be put in 300 words when you have a longer post they will get an impression that you’ve done your research.

Use related keywords in your article

Using related keywords is lost many times when people are constructing their blog posts. When we take a keyword like how to make money affiliate marketing when you scroll down you will find out that Google already shows you related searches. So when people are searching your keyword, they are also searching those keywords that Google shows you and get you desired result.


On average you can use two related keywords for your post. No matter if it is in the headline or just throughout the content, in the paragraphs, your post is more likely to get higher rank in these keywords.

There shouldn’t be any article which hasn’t applied these practices. Ranking on search engines is becoming harder, and they are implementing new techniques constantly. The research is most important and the more time you put in the better results you will have for your website.

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