The Best plugins for WordPress that you should install

Do you have a blog and are you willing to know about the best plugins for WordPress? If the answer is yes then you are in the right place. In this post I’ll talk about the best plugins for WordPress. I know some of you are already aware of these but there are some new bloggers who should know about this topic. In WordPress plugins acts as an add on and it helps to get more futures in your hand. But keep in mind that if you add too many plugins then it will definitely slow down your website loading speed.

You should know properly what plugins you need in your WordPress dashboard. Do not install and activate too many plugins. Let’s first discuss some basics of plugins.

How To Install And Activate Plugins?

Those who are blogging for a long time it is very easy for them to install and activate plugins. Here is a simple guide on how you can install plugins.

Log in to your WordPress dashboard > Below Appearance you will get an option written as plugins> Click on Plugins and click Add New> It will take you to WordPress plugins page> Here you will get a search bar and you can search for the plugin you want to install> Click Install and once downloaded click Activate.

It’s the basic method and sometimes you need to upload plugins that are not available in WordPress plugins section. Let’s learn this process as well.

How to upload plugin?

Now if sometimes you do not find the required plugins in the WordPress office plugins directory then you need to upload 3rd party plugins. Process is quite similar:

Log in to your WordPress dashboard > Below Appearance you will get an option written as plugins> Click on Plugins and click Add New> It will take you to WordPress plugins page> Add Plugins Upload Plugin You need to click Upload plugin and then select in from where you save it in your storage then install and activate.

What are the best plugins for WordPress:

1: One SEO Related plugin: I hope we all know that doing proper on-page SEO is really important if you are looking for long term blogging. There are so many options available but the one which I personally prefer is Yoast SEO. It is available in both free and paid versions. If you have budget then you can go for premium option, but in free version, you can get the most of it. Rank Math is also a popular option.

2: Contact Form 7:  It is one of the most downloaded plugin. If you are not aware of doing a contact form then you should install it and activate it. Then paste the code in the contact form page and you will have a good functional contact form. When people will fill-up the form then you will receive it in your connected email.

3. A Good Backup Plugin: As a blogger we all know that due to any issues sometimes in our hosting or any other problem may occur. To make our blog safe from data losing you should use a good back up plugin that can store your data in a remote storage like in google drive, dropbox, etc. For backup I personally use Updraft. It is a good plugin and you can use it.

4. One Page speed Optimization Plugin( Cache): Here you may get confused. You will get several options for optimization. Here most of the premium bloggers go for WP Rocket. It is a paid plugin. But there are some free good options available as well like W3total cache, Hummingbird, Autoptimize etc. All are good and you can use any of these.

5. Image optimization Plugin: The main reason behind slow page loading speed is the use of image files in your blog or website. You can use some image optimization plugins like Smush, Imagify, etc.

Concluding Words on Best plugins for WordPress:

Above I discuss about top 5 plugins you should install in your WordPress. Beside those plugins you should use one security-related plugin and Google XML sitemap plugin. I hope this post will suit you the most if you are looking for the best plugins for WordPress.

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