Yahoo Chat Room: All you need to know about this

The first question that comes to our mind when we think of Yahoo chat room is: Is Yahoo Char room still available? The obvious answer is NO. Yahoo! It Is one of the most popular names in the field of the internet. Yahoo! As a company is with us science the internet started to gain its popularity and very few people were aware of the internet. Yahoo chat room is a facility that Yahoo provided to their customer for free. It was very popular once upon a time among the internet users.

The History of Yahoo Chat Room:

Yahoo started its Yahoo messenger way back on 9th March 1988. Yahoo allowed its user to download their messenger and use it for free. All you need was a Yahoo ID which also allows their user to use their other services like Yahoo mail. In Yahoo Messenger one can create a chat room. This chat room service is known as Yahoo Chat Room. Basically in a chat room one can talk to a group of people. It was basically an evolution in the field of technology. The 90’s internet users use this service to talk to random people as well as their know people.

What services that Yahoo Messenger offer?

Yahoo Messenger offers all basic facilities that we use in modern chatting apps like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype and others. Yahoo messenger allows its users to chat, transfer files, Webcam hosting, VoIP (Full form of VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol) and Yahoo chat rooms services. Their chat rooms service is commonly used by internet users then which you can term as private group messaging. The users are allowed to share files up to 2GB (Full Form of GB is GigaByte).

Is Yahoo Chat Room still available?

I have already answered that in 2020 it is not available. Yahoo has discontinued their Yahoo Messenger so it means that yahoo chat rooms are not available. In 2005 Yahoo announced that no user can create new chat rooms due to some legal issues. But the existing users used their chat room which came to a complete end in 2012. The end of chat rooms was announced on November 30 in 2012 and completely closed from December 14, 2012. The reason Yahoo show behind this sudden close of Yahoo Chat rooms was: “This will enable us to refocus our efforts on modernizing our core Yahoo products experiences and of course, create new ones.” Almost all users were shocked by their decision.

A new Yahoo Messenger was introduced in 2015 but it was completely shut down on July 17 in 2018. They replaced it with a new service that was known as Yahoo Together and to our dismay it was also shut down in 2019.


Yahoo Messenger

Why yahoo Stop their Yahoo Messenger?

It is a common fact of well know reputed companies to drop their products that started losing popularity and their competition level grows rapidly. It is also the case with Yahoo Messenger as well. Yahoo messenger started to lose its ground after the arrival of many good social media messengers like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, skype, etc. Yahoo as a company loses its ground so one by one they put an end of their services.

Some Replacement of Yahoo Chat Room:

One of the main reasons why Yahoo stopped their Messenger is the emerging competition from some good apps and service providers. The main replacement of yahoo messenger is Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype, Like and others. And for chat rooms there are a number of apps that allow group chat as well. So, We can safely say the end of Yahoo Chat room or Yahoo messenger has no major impact over the internet.

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