How to start event blogging in 2019?

I’ve already discussed with all of you regarding what is event blogging and some important event blogging topic. In short event blogging means creating a blog particularly for an event. Event bloggers target some special events to get a large number of page views in that particular event period and get a lot of income from that page views. Now in this post I’ll discuss with you in details about how you can start event blogging and earn a lot of money in the next event. So, please read carefully and follow the described steps.

1st step of Event Blogging:

Before you start entering in the field you have to research about this topic carefully with determination in mind that you will have to do it. Try to keep in mind many expert bloggers will also create some event blogs and you will have to compete with that. It is not that much easy at the same time not very difficult. So, the 1st step for all of you is to research about the event and competition. Try to be focus and if an expert blogger can work for 2-3 months to become successful then as beginner you can start working for 5-6 months to become successful.

Choosing the event and keywords:

Once you learn the basics of event blogging the next thing you have to do is to pick an event. Once you finalize the event then start working on keyword research. Keyword research is the most important aspect of event bloggers. For keyword research you can use Google Keyword Planner and thehoth as a free tool at the same time there are many paid tools available like Ahrefs, Semrush etc. If you are a beginner I suggest you to go for free tools to save the budget for other purchases like domain name and hosting. Be specific about your keywords. Try to focus on low competitive keyword and start building links on that particular keyword.

Domain name for Event Blogging:

This is where many new blogger made the mistake and never get desired success. Therefore try to attentive to find out the most relevant domain name that is related to the event. If you research you can find that the most successful event bloggers choose names that serve as a keyword. As you know if your domain name is related to the focused keyword, then there is high chance for you to be successful. You can also put the year in your domain name to make Google know that your blog is focused on that particular event of that year.

Choose the Hosting plan for Event Blogging:

Once you pick the most suitable domain mane the next step is to choose the hosting plan. Many new bloggers go for BLOGGER Hosting which is basically a free hosting service from Google. It has both advantages and disadvantages. If your blog gets millions of visitors in a certain time it will down and show error pages. So, Keep in mind that you if you are able to rank your blog in Google for a particular keyword for that event then you might millions of visitors in your blog during that particular event period. If your site gets down somehow, your hard work will not bring money for you. So try to go for hosting plans that offers unlimited bandwidth and trustworthy.

Do the On-Page SEO for your Blog:

As we all know to rank a bog or website you have to work hard on the SEO of your blog. By SEO I mean both On-Page and Off-Page SEO. For On-Page SEO you can add fresh contents on your blog that are unique and well written. Always add your focused Keyword in your contents as many times as you can. It will help Google Crawlers understand what you are blogging about in your blog. You can pick a simple theme with less loading speed and which is fully SEO optimized at the same time looks attractive to your visitors. The more time the stay on your blog and share your blog url or messages then you will earn the more.

Focus on Off-Page SEO:

By Off-page SEO we mean to link your site with other good quality site. Link building is one of the major factors of ranking in Google. While doing Off-Page SEO for your site try to build as many Do-Follow link as you can. You can obviously built No-follow links as well. The most suitable ration is 80% Do-Follow Link (Not less than 75% preferred) and 20%-25% No-Follow link. If you are able to pick a keyword that is easy to rank go for that. Long tail keywords are great options for a beginner in Event Blogging.

Creating Content for Event Blogging:

After getting your domain name and buying hosting plan you will have to start writing unique contents as well as attractive images. Images attract the readers most so try to find out best images or create your own images. So focus on the contents of your blog as well.

Ad sense Approval for your blog:

Majority of bloggers depends on Ad-sense for their earning. Like normal blogs you will have to apply for Google Ad sense so that you can convert your traffic into money. To get your Google Ad sense approved, you must create certain pages in your blog like: Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Contact Us etc. At the same time you will have to publish great quality contents in your blog before you apply for Ad sense. Once you successfully get your Ad sense account approved for your blog then you can certainly earn some money from sure from the visitors.


If you can follow the above mentioned points then there will be a great change that you will succeed in event blogging. Some bloggers earn $1000+ during the festive seasons or some particular event from a single blog. So next times you go for event blogging make sure you follow all the steps and earn money from home without much investment. Many bloggers prefer event blogging as a best means to generate a lot of income from Event blogging.

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