Can You Start Your Career as a Graphic Designer?

To start your career as a graphic designer, you should have a degree in this field. If you are a graduate of graphic designing then you have many options to perform professionally. You can work for an agency, or with a particular client, or you can start your independent business. 

You can start your career as a graphic designer, but first, you have learned some basic tips about graphic designing. It is all about working hard, grab the opportunities, and take every project with passion and determination.

If you are an art lover then you can start your career as a graphic designer without any doubt. Graphic design is a profession of visual communication. That is a combination of words, images, and ideas to express your thoughts and imaginations to the audience. Or we can say that graphic designers create visual solutions to communications problems. 

Print advertisement, logos, magazines, signboards, posters, books, and billboards are some examples of graphic design. 

A career as a graphic designer is very competitive if you are going to adopt it. But there is no fun in life without challenges. So, here is some expert advice to help you to start your career as a graphic designer. 

Get professional degree

Yes, you can start your career as a graphic designer without a professional degree. But a university degree is the most reliable way to enter into this industry. When you study graphic design, you will gain designing theory and practice. 

With a professional degree, you would get a good job or a nice startup idea for your own business company. And if you are a graduate, try to do a job as a junior designer first. It will help you to get more experience and knowledge about graphic design. 

You can also pursue a diploma, bachelor’s, certificate, master’s, and doctoral course in this field. 

After getting the degree you can easily find jobs in this field. Many government and private firms are appointing graphic designers to work on their projects. You can also work as a freelance designer in graphic design. 

Work on your skills

To start your career as a graphic designer, you need to work on basic skills. You should be an innovative and creative thinker to produce new ideas and can develop an interactive design. Along with that, you should have the problem-solving ability, proficiency in the application used in graphic designing. 

Basic knowledge and understanding of HTML, CSS, and other web design languages. And you should have communication skills to work with your clients, and the ability to meet the client’s requirements. 

All these skills must have in you to start your career as a graphic designer.  

Create a variety of jobs with a graphic designer degree

You can expand your job options. There are many leadership positions in creative organizations like advertisement agencies and industrial design films. Here are some job suggestions which you can get with a graphic design degree.

  • Art director
  • Drafter (Engineering and Architecture)
  • Creative director
  • Graphic designer
  • Marketing manager
  • Film and video editor
  • Industrial/Product designer
  • Multimedia artist/Animator
  • Technical writer
  • Web designer

These are some job descriptions in the field of graphic design. You can apply any of them according to your passion. 

Role of Graphic Designer

Graphic designers do many tasks. Some typically tasks are:

  • Design layouts and then select images and colors for the design.
  • Create graphics and layouts for product illustrations.
  • Create company logo and websites
  • Develop graphic designs that meet the client’s objectives
  • Evaluate time and cost to complete graphic design
  • Supervise the other graphic arts technicians and graphic designer

If you start your career as a graphic designer, you can work in websites, advertising, books, magazines, computer games, product packaging, exhibitions, and displays. 

Graphic designers can also create marketing brochures for products and services. You can work as a graphic designer for design firms or can work independently. 

Can start a side project

When you have decided to start your career as a graphic designer then you can start with your projects. It could be postcards, eBooks, CMS themes, some pack of free icons, or anything which is in your mind. 

Doing things on your own may be risky but this is worthwhile to ignite your career or passion. 

In the field of the graphic design world, human connections are an important step to growth. So be friendly and connected with people will push you forward in your career. 

Just keep moving ahead and do not take any rejection personally!!

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