What is Event Blogging and Its Secrets? [Updated 2023]

As I mentioned earlier in my post about how to earn money from home without much investment blogging is one of the major sources of earning. At the same time, I told you all about the huge competition in the blogging industry. To become a successful blogger you have to wait for a long time and work very hard on your blog. But there is one kind of blogging which is called EVENT BLOGGING through which you can earn a lot of money by working hard for two to six months based on your expertise. You cannot believe one blogger earns 1000+ Dollars/day from event blogging. However, it is a way to earn money for a short period of time not regularly.

What is Event Blogging?

Event blogging denotes creating a blog by a blogger keeping in mind a particular day or special occasion. Bloggers work on blog(s) and try to rank them in the search engines so that on that particular day or occasion they get a huge amount of traffic and earn a huge amount of money overnight or in a short period of time. Event blogging can be considered as micro niche blogging as the blogger targets a particular topic or event.


The Main Benefit of Event Blogging:

Unlike working on a regular blog like Residencetalk for a long period of time to get the desired success rank in the search engines and get organic traffic, you can work hard for three to six months to be successful in event blogging. Traffic on these blogs lasts for some time one day or some more days then most of these blogs become dead. Event blogging, as well as software development, are excellent methods of earning money. Analyzing all the possibilities of monetization for software, we can say with confidence that you can make money even on a fresh product or event that is just entering the market. Some bloggers even earn $10000+ from a single blog during the targeted time. Saving time and to some extent, money are the main benefits of event blogging. You can earn a lot of money from event blogging and get some free time to enjoy and not think about the success of regular blogs and be regular with your blog.

Some Down Side of Event Blogging:

After reading the benefits I’m sure many of you get charged to prepare to set foot in the blogging industry. In spite of the benefits, there are some downsides to event blogging as well. You will have to purchase the best possible hosting plan with unlimited bandwidth so that it can handle the huge amount of traffic that comes to the blog on that particular day(s). Not only that you have to be active all the time during the targeted day or days to look after any crash or error in the pages or server and do the corrections immediately so that your investment in the form of money and time turns into a huge amount of earnings.

Some Important Event Blogging Topics:

  1. Happy New Year
  2. Christmas
  3. Valentine’s Day
  4. Cricket World Cup
  5. Football world cup
  6. Any other important sports events
  7. Election
  8. IFFA
  9. Oscar Award
  10. Grammy Award
  11. WWE Main Events
  12. Holi
  13. Diwali
  14. Durga Puja
  15. IPL(Indian Premier League)
  16. Mothers Day
  17. Marathon
  18. Any Local Festival
  19. Tennis opens
  20. Mainly Any topic that attracts public attention

Is There Any Scope for Event Blogging Now?

As you all know Blogging has not become very competitive and it is not an easy field to get your blog ranked as quickly as it was 5 years ago. So, let’s discuss about is there any scope for new bloggers to get good results in event blogging and earn money from it.  The answer is yes. I can assure you if you can work hard on it you can become successful in event blogging. Every person from different parts of the country has a mental connection with some events that are related to their culture, country, and community. For instance, teens and young are more attracted to Valentine’s Day while kids want to show their love for their mother on Mother’s Day and patriots show their love for the country on some national days.

So, there is a large scope but you have to work hard before that targeted day.

Know All Details About The Event:

Before starting event blogging and after deciding on the event you should research about the event. The main thing you want to know is the answers to two questions.

  1. Why do they celebrate the event?
  2. How do people celebrate/observe the event?

To know the answers you should study properly about the event you want to target for event blogging.

Event Blogging is Expanding:

One thing you should know before starting event blogging is that your niche is expanding and there is a huge scope for you. One mistake that many bloggers make is that they limit the events only to the part of the country they live in. You and I both try to understand that almost every day is an event in one or many parts of the country. Therefore do not hesitate to start working on the events in the outer part of your country.

How Do You Blog an Event?

1st Selecting the Domain Name:

The main thing you should do is pick the most suitable name for your domain. I advise you to take time and research properly. One thing you must know is that a good domain name always gets good rankings as it serves as a good keyword and tells the search engines about your topic blog.

2nd Select a Good Hosting Plan:

As I mentioned earlier you should be careful about the hosting plans you choose. Always go for quality hosting service providers. As you know if you can rank your site then you must get a large number of visitors in those targeted days. To handle all the traffic and not get down you should buy a good quality hosting plan.

3rd Do Proper Keyword Research:

Always remember if you are a master in picking good keywords then there is a great chance that your blog will surely rank and get desired traffic. It is very important in event blogging as you have to rank your site in some particular keyword. Go for long tail keywords as it is relatively easy to rank.

4th Look at Your Blog:

In one of my blog posts I described the importance of the look of a website is very important in attracting visitors. You should use great-quality images that are closely related to the event you blog about. Try to attract your visitors and make them stay for a long time in your blog. It is a success for a blogger if he can attract the audience by the looks and feel of the site.

5th Do Content Research and Upload Content:


Once you buy the hosting plan and select a name for your domain the next thing you should focus on is the content. You must add blog posts regularly and upload great quality unique content particularly related to the event you targeted. Google and other search engines always prefer great quality unique content. You should use proper keywords several times in your post so that the crawlers understand properly about your blog and rank it higher in those keywords.

6th Focus on Off-page SEO:

We all know to rank higher on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) we have to build quality links back to our blog or website. So, once you select a domain you should start building links from good quality links from authority sites. Do-follow links are good for your blog as they will pass link juice to your blog and improve your rankings. If you know SEO, You know that you should build No-follow links as well. The preferred percentage will be 75-80% Do-follow Links and 20-25% No-Follow links.

7th Earning Sources:

Now once all set you have to think about the main point of focus of event blogging i.e. earning for your blog. The primary source that all the bloggers use is Google ads. Once you place good quality 25+ content in your blog you can apply for Google Absence. You can apply for other ad sources that are paying a good amount of money. Ads and CPC (Cost per Click) is the main source of earnings from blogs.

8th Remain Proactive in the Event Day(s):

I’ve already mentioned that you have to be active all the time during the event period and keep tracking the technical part of your blog. The main thing is that your blog must not be down due to excessive traffic during the event period. If you find technical issues in your blog then be sure to solve them immediately. If you can be able to do it then it is obvious that you can earn a huge amount of money from event blogging.


The above-mentioned topics are mostly targeted by Event bloggers. Event blogging is very popular among bloggers. To become successful you have to work hard for at least three months to become successful and earn money. The main thing you should learn before starting event blogging is keyword research. Keyword Research is going to be your primary focus. Therefore try to rank your Event blog in particular low to medium-competitive keyword that has Good CPC (Cost Per Click) so that you can get a good amount of traffic from search Engines. I’ll write another blog about how to create an Event Blog and share all the necessary details.

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