How to publish a post on Wordpress
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How to publish a post on WordPress

I’ve already write a post on how to become a successful blogger and mention one important topic i.e. Basic knowledge of WordPress. Therefore I decided to write this topic on how to publish a post on wordpress properly so  that you content gets the much needed On-page SEO value. Some new bloggers made this mistake frequently. Once they get the blog live and started to write contents and publish the contents randomly. So I write this post to help new bloggers on the detailed guide on how to publish a post on wordpress properly.

About YOAST SEO Plugin:

To get your contents publish properly and errorless I suggest you to add one free plugin that is YOAST SEO plugin. There are some more free plugins available on the SEO topic but I recommend you to add YOAST SEO plugin as it gives you detailed guide as how your content can be SEO friendly and you get better value from your content.

The step by step guide on publishes a post on WordPress:

Sign in to WordPress Account and ADD New content:

Firstly, you have to sign it to your WordPress Account and get access to your Dashboard. Once you reach there successfully and you have your content ready to publish just click on the POSTS option and select ADD NEW and a new page will open before you.

Distribution of Headings:

Secondly, you have to add a title for your content and then add the total content. Once you paste or write the content there you just have to select the H1 or H2 or H3 and paragraphs. Just to let you clear H2 comes under H1 and H3 comes under H2 (Here H denotes Heading). You have to give importance to the headings as headings make the Crawlers understand your content properly.

Add Links while post on wordpress:

Thirdly, you can add links to your content so that it appears more relevant to the readers as well as the Search Engines. You have to link both inbound link(s) and outbound links(s). Inbound links mean link to a post from your own blog and outbound link denotes linking to other website. Try to add both as it is great for On-Page SEO of your blog. Add at least one to two inbound links from your existing posts and some high authority sites. Just make all the links to the point and helpful to the readers.

Use of Slung and Meta description:

Fourthly, you have to choose proper slug and Meta description. Slug is the next portion that comes after the root domain. For example: just visit my one post from my site i.e. How to earn money online without any investment. Here 1st portion consists of my blog url i.e. Quality tech Talk and HOW TO EARN MONEY ONLINE FROM HOME Portion is the slung. Keep the slug not too small not too big. Put your target keyword in the slung. And Meta description is a kind of attractive summery which is displayed in the search engine result page. If your Meta description is attractive then there is a great chance for you to attract the readers and get more traffic.

Follow Yoast SEO guidelines:

Fifthly, you should follow all the instructions mentioned in the YOAST SEO plugin. It will show you all the errors in your contents try to fix them all so that your content become SEO friendly. Therefore be attentive to all the points and pass all the necessary points.

Uploading Image and Put ALT tag:

Sixthly, as a blogger you have to give importance to uploading an image with the content. You should upload an image or images to make your post look attractive to the readers as well as easier to understand the point of your content. Try to use screenshots or roility free images. Always put ALT tags to your images. Try to use your focused keyword as the ALT tag for your image or images. It will make your image searchable.

Privacy, Preview and Publish:

Finally, make the post public so that everyone gets access to your blog post. Give yourself some time to preview the post and once you are satisfied with the look you can publish your hard work to the blog.


 After performing all these seven above discussed steps you can be able to publish a post on wordpress blog. I hope if you can follow all the above discussed points properly, you can tell yourself not armature but a professional and be able to rank your site and be a successful blogger.  

Please let me know in the comments on how much helpful this content is?

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