How to Earn Money Online from home

Top 7 ways to earn money online from home without much investment

Are you looking for earning money from home without going to any office or Institution?

Earning money online from home has now become accessible to the masses due to the increased and excessive use of internet these days. Majority of people especially Young generation is highly connected to the internet. Internet has now become an unavoidable part of daily life. And this opens many sources which can be used to earn money online from home without investing much. You just need a proper internet connection and Laptop.

Here are Top Seven Sources which can be used to make money online:


Blogging is present for a long time. It denotes to create a blog and write great quality content on the blog which may attract the readers and get more and more traffic from various sources, especially from the major Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Being etc. You can earn a huge amount of money online through blogging if your blog has the quality to attract the readers. Bloggers mainly earn through Google Ads, CPC (Full Form of CPC is COST PER CLICK), Affiliate marketing, guest posts on site etc. Blogging is not a source of earning money online very quickly from the 1st day rather it requires great patience and time to be successful in the field. So, before choosing blogging as a career you have to think twice that you have the passion on the topic that you are going to blog about and time to write great quality content and do the keyword research and to compete with the competitors who write blog on the same topic. Also you have to master the blogging quality.


YouTube is another major source which can be used as a profession and if you are passionate and determined and get success in YouTube then you can earn huge amount of money, fame and make you feel like celebrity. YouTube is Google’s free video streaming service which is immensely popular all over the words. You can be a You-Tuber but first you have to know how to create a YouTube Channel? Once you have succeeded in creating a YouTube channel, the next thing you have to do is to upload great quality videos which may attract the viewers. One you get a good number of Subscribers and your videos get good amount of views then you will get money directly from YouTube. After being successful you can also do paid re-view of products to earn money.  YouTube is a great career option for you and like Blogging it also requires great attention, patience, quality content on your videos and a lot of time.

Content Writing:

If you are one who can write great quality content then there is a high chance for you to achieve success in earning money online.  You have to master the art of writings like SEO- friendly contents for blogs, Press-releases, Academic Writing and Professional Essay writing etc. There is a huge demand of good quality writers for Blog posts especially. The can get paid from about $2- $100 for a single piece of content based on your quality. Here comes the question where you find them who need contents to be written? Well for this you have to know how to create professional LinkedIn account, or creating account on Fiverr, Freelancer, and UpWork etc.  These are great sources where you can create accounts and get connected with relevant people who need your service.

Blogger Outreach Supplier:

Blogging requires great passion as well as patience and if you think that you do not have more than enough time and knowledge about blogging then it is a best option for you to act as a blogger outreach supplier. Blogger outreach supplier is the one who make contacts with the owner of the sites or authority of the sites and set an affordable price for sponsored post. Then you have contact them who need sponsored posts in LinkedIn or directly mail some SEO companies who might be interested in taking posts from those site. It is a profitable source of Income from home. 

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the best way through which you can earn money online. You just have to join the affiliate programmes by the E-commerce shopping partners like: Amazon, Flipkart etc. Once you join their affiliate programme, you have to create links for the products you want to sell. Once a buyer buys through your affiliate link, you will get some commission from the E-commerce sites. To promote your affiliate links you have to be active. You can create a Facebook page or website to promote your affiliate link to earn money.

Become a Freelancer:

If you want to earn money online then you can be a freelancer and provide services to those who need your services. You have to expert in some field like typing, editing photography, providing SEO or digital marketing services, content writing, social media shares, blog commenting etc.

For starting your career as a freelance there are several platforms available like: Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr and many more sites. Visit these sites, create great quality profile and provide your best services and you can earn a lot of money there for sure.

Domain treading:

Domain treading can be one of the most profitable businesses for you if you can learn the art of picking the best domain name that might interest a buyer who wants to buy domain with good name. You have research beforehand about it as you have to invest some money buying domains from Godaddy or other sources. Once you register good domains the prospective buyer contact the domain owner and you have to deal with him and re-sell in a profitable margin.

These are top seven trending sources to earn money online. It is not the matter that you are eighteen or fifty plus, you can go for any of these above discussed seven sources to earn money online without much investment and the main benefit is that you can work from home and be your own boss.

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