How to Improve Your Rankings in Google?

Everybody wants top rankings in Google for their online business. Almost every business owner and manager are trying to unlock the secrets of how to improve your rankings in Google. But there is no magic button to press and improve your ranking in Google. 

It takes creativity, dedication, research, and resourcefulness to improve your rankings in Google. Because of the changing nature of Google’s algorithm. 

You can improve your rankings in google with a little time and some strategy. We are sharing here some tips with you for this.

Upgrade your website for a great user experience

If you want to improve your rankings on Google, you have to improve your website for user experience. The study says that the top four ranking factors are website visit, pages per session, time on the site, and the bounce rate. All these four points are directly related to the experience which your website is providing to your users. 

This is a simple thing, if your website is easy to access and enjoyable to use and giving valuable information to its visitors then automatically you will get more visitors. Visitors will stay longer on your website and they visit more pages. This will improve your search rank easily. 

Update your business info for search visibility

If your business does not show up for relevant searches then how will you get visitors to your website? To improve your rankings in Google, ensure that your business information in Google My Business is accurate and complete. Along with that must be engaging also for the visitors. 

When you give complete and accurate information about your business, will be easier to match with the right searches. Always keep your website up to date. Your users must know about what you do, where you are, and when they can visit. You can add your business phone number, address, category of work, etc. to your website. 

If you add your business locations, Google more likely to show you in local search results in Google Maps and Search. 

Improve your SEO

SEO is the fastest way to improve your ranking in Google. Try to optimize your site around your target keywords. Your keywords must be the beginning of your title tag. As you can say that keywords drive the most traffic towards the website. You can search for the keywords which generate the traffic. This is very important to prioritize keywords with business value. Like you are running a sweet shop in Delhi, the keyword ‘Delhi sweet shop’ would drive more business than the ‘sweet recipe’ keyword. Thus, add keywords according to the most SEO in your content. 

Improve the speed of your website

To improve your rankings in Google, continuously monitor the speed of your website, and keep improving it. You can use the Google Page Speed tool to benchmark the performance of your website. You can improve page speed with the following tips:


Size of image file

Before uploading the image, you can optimize your image by using an image compression and optimizer tool. After that always confirm that all dimensions of the image are going to fit into the reserved image space or not. 

Browser caching

When a browser loads a page then it loads a number of the resources. So, browser caching stores these resource files on the users’ computers. When a user searches for a new page, those resources need to be loaded again. So, the best way to enable browser caching is by adding code to the web host/server. 

Script handling

Too many JS and CSS files can slow down your website. It would be best if you merge several scripts into a single file. This will be helpful to the server to load all the scripts with one click. 

These tips can improve the speed of your website, can try them. 

Do work on the links

Your website’s links can make a huge influence on your website’s ranking. Try to focus on creating relevant links in the text. Instead of creating a ‘click here’ link, write the name of the product or destination. Having a link-worthy site can improve your rankings in Google and also can add value to your readers. 

 Many website owners ignored the broken links. But this is not good for the user experience. Fix all broken links immediately. Add quality links to your website, it will boost the traffic and establish the authority of your site. You can use a tool to search the broken links like Dead Link or BrokenLinkCheck. 

Write great content for your website

Having great content on your website is the best way to improve your rankings in Google. Your content must be mistake-free, mobile-friendly, or optimized, keyword-rich, and written to address the specific information of your target audience. Also, must contain all valuable links to internal and external content. Your content must be updated regularly. Because regularly updated content is one of the best indicators of any site’s relevancy. So, try to keep it fresh, audit your content on regular basis. 

Optimize for voice search

Now many people are using the voice search method for asking questions on their smartphones. So, add a voice search option to your website to improve your ranking in Google. Make sure that voice searchers find your business by voice search phrases into your website content. 

Use alt tags

Describe your video and visual media data by using alt tags. It will allow the search engines to locate your page. This will be work for those who use text-only browsers or screen readers for browsing. 

Track rankings

You need to track your rankings if your goal is to rank higher in Google. Otherwise, how will you get to know that where are your all efforts are going? You can use the Ahrefs Rank tracker tool for this. To check the keyword in Tracker, paste or type the keyword which you want to check and select the country also. That’s it, now your ranking is being tracked.

We hope these tips will help you to improve your rankings in Google.

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