How To Disable WhatsApp Call On iPhone?

To disable WhatsApp calls, just do not answer any calls from your WhatsApp by turning off notifications or shutting off internet access (if you are not using it).

You can use the WhatsApp tweaks similar to FM WhatsApp to turn off the phone calls made from your WhatsApp while using it. There are various methods to stop unidentified phone numbers from sending out messages.

For now, the simplest method to block calls received from all users on WhatsApp when you’re not using the service is to simply go to your Settings of the app and remove WhatsApp messenger.

How To Disable WhatsApp Calls On iPhone?

You can utilise a few direct and indirect methods to block WhatsApp call calls.

1. Turning off WhatsApp Call Notifications

We are aware of the disruption WhatsApp calls can cause; it is better to turn off those; however, the feature isn’t officially offered by WhatsApp.

It is important to note that to stop iphone calls from WhatsApp, it is enough to switch off notifications.

To deactivate the WhatsApp notification of calls from the lock screen.

Step 1: Start by opening your phone’s settings. Explore the settings, then click Apps Settings.

Step 2: Go to the Installed App and select WhatsApp from the available apps.

Step 3: Click on WhatsApp notifications.

Step 4. A drop-down menu will display the current WhatsApp notifications, such as messages and media notifications.

Step 5: Now look for call notifications and disable them or turn off all notifications if you need to for WhatsApp.

You won’t see WhatsApp messages on the screen of the lock.

Note: If you turn off the notification for calls, you will notice that the WhatsApp messages notifications will show on your lock screen; however, it will prevent WhatsApp calls from appearing on your lock screen.

2. Using Third-party Apps

Sometimes, you may not need to turn off the WhatsApp call notification but also block the WhatsApp calls that come in; therefore, you should seek advantage of third-party applications to block WhatsApp calls.


The two most popular apps are listed below:

#I- WA Tweaks:

WA tweaks is a bizarre but very effective application for blocking WhatsApp calls. It also gives you access to the hidden features and tricks in WhatsApp.

Step 1: Download the WA Tweaks app to your phone and download it.

Step 2: Now turn off your Airplane mode since it is offline.

Step 3: Go to your device’s Settings and Settings for Apps.

Step 4: Choose WhatsApp and then click on”force stop” it will shut down WhatsApp from working for a short period.

Step 5: Now, open WA tweaks and then click “Extra”.

Step 6: Click on ‘Disable call’ to disable calls appearing on the screen.

#II- Using FMWhatsApp

There are some very useful versions of WhatsApp similar to FM WhatsApp, and it comes with additional exciting features that aren’t present in normal WhatsApp.

Step 1: First, create a backup copy of your WhatsApp and remove the original WhatsApp.

Step 2: Download and download Step 2: Install the FM WhatsApp app using apk.

Step 3: Enter the exact number you used to use on WhatsApp.

Step 4: Restore the chat’s backup and all media files.

Step 5: You’ll see three vertical dots in the upper right. Do click them.

Step 6: Click on the Privacy & Security option and select ‘Who can contact me?’.

Step 7: Select what you want to make available for this option and select “Nobody”.

3. Use An Older Version Of Whatsapp


Because WhatsApp VoIP calls are a brand new feature, you may have to resort back to an earlier version if voice calls on WhatsApp aren’t available. This is a possibility until the company can support the older version.

It is crucial to back up all your information and communications before removing the current version to prevent data from losing value. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Start WhatsApp. Launch the WhatsApp app on your mobile.

Step 2: Go to the Settings menu.

Step 3: As we mentioned earlier, the importance of backup. Log into Chat Settings, Select Chat Backup, and hit the BACKUP button.

Step 4: Download the older WhatsApp version. i.e., 2.12.4 or earlier and install.

Step 5: Open Restore to restore WhatsApp’s entire conversations, media, and videos.

4. Block The Caller

If you’re frustrated with the WhatsApp calls of a specific person or group of people, rather than blocking calls made on WhatsApp, you may choose to block them.

You need to open the chat and select the contact’s name within the To field. Next, the window should display an option to Block contact.

Final Words

If you wish to turn off the WhatsApp calls, then disable notifications. This will prevent the caller’s name from appearing on the screen.

However, this will show missed calls within your WhatsApp Calls section. But, the tweak applications and FMWhatsApp could be used to accomplish this in addition to Disable WhatsApp Call made by other people.

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