What is Amazon Flex and how to participate?

Are you interested in joining Amazon Flex programme? Do you know what this is? Don’t worry I will discuss in my post about this. I’ve already discussed about how to earn money from home without much investment. Amazon flex is one of the ways to earn from home working two to four hours per day. It is a great way you can invest a little time and can earn up to 15000 every month. You can take this a part time job.

What is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is basically a delivery service of Amazon. It is already available in USA and other countries. Now Amazon decided to bring this delivery service in India to promote more people to buy from their online platform. There are so many delivery partners available in India who delivers products for to the customers. When we order something online, the online companies pass the job of delivery to their delivery partners. Then the delivery partners deliver goods to the customers. Amazon Flex is an initiative by Amazon to strengthen their delivery areas and deliver with convenience. They basically want to target students and those who just completed study. Other may also join this programme.

How to join Amazon Flex Programme:

Amazon Flex is an open platform and you can register via their official website. Once you reach the Amazon Flex India official webpage, you will be asked to fill up some basic details like: Your name, Address details, your age, do you have any vehicle or not etc. Once you fill up that information properly then they will re-view your submission. If they like and feel interested in your submission then you will get approval and officially join Amazon Flex Programme. The process of on line fill up is easy enough and you can do it easily.

What you will have to do?

Once your online submission gets approval from Amazon Flex programme then you will have to create a team. Your team and you have to control every official work as well as the main work of delivering the goods to the door step of the customers. You have to vehicles like four wheeler car or bike. You will get approval in your local area so it will not be very difficult work to do. One think, it is a responsible work. So, you will have to be very responsible in your work.  For your work you will get INR120 to INR 140 for every hour. As per I know they will give you a work time of 4 hours a day.

Last Few words about Amazon Flex:

So, in the conclusion i can tell you all that it is a great initiative from Amazon. Willing person can grab this opportunity to get some money by working up to 4 hours every day. You can also take it as a part time job and earn up-to 15000 every month based on your work. So, go to the official web-page and register their when it is officially available.

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