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12 Tips to get more TikTok fans and followers

If you are a TikTok user then you might have the curiosity to know how to get more Tiktok fans and followers? Tiktok users are of two types. One kind of them is those who only like to see the videos and the others who make videos. Those who make videos are more interested in getting more followers in Tiktok. Tiktok has now become very popular in the world mostly in India, China, the USA and where not. It has now become a new platform to showcase your talent especially acting and dancing and lisping.

After you start creating videos the first thing you should have in mind is how your video goes to a large audience and how you can become a popular face in Tiktok. Tiktok rewards those who have good fans and followers and create good quality content. It can be an earning source for you.

Here are some tips to get more TikTok fans and followers:

1) Create Unique and Attractive Videos:

Tiktok is a video creating and sharing platform. Though it is not like Youtube that allows videos of any length it allows 15 seconds to 60 minutes videos. To become popular in TikTok you need to create amazing unique videos. Your quality of the videos should be great and attractive at the same time. Here you need to be more attentive to the content. You can create videos like funny, dancing or even inspiring or educational or informational. Be the master of a category, so, that your followers start finding you for your quality of videos. It is the key to get more followers in TikTok.

2) Be Active and Upload Videos on a Daily Basis:

 If you want to get successful in TikTok you need to upload videos on a regular basis. You need to be active in what is trending on TikTok and make great videos on that topic or music. One cannot succeed if upload videos not on a daily basis but in long gaps. Try to focus on content and be regular when it comes to uploading videos. For a beginner, you can upload the videos every other day or on a weekly basis but once you get many followers, posting videos on a regular basis is an important aspect.

3) You should learn from Experts:

As I have already mentioned in the 1st point that your content should be unique but doing unique content on a daily basis can be hard work. For that, you should follow the experts and starts learning from them. You can search FOR YOU section and you will be able to come across great videos that you can take as an inspiration. Do not follow their works blindly but you should try to incorporate your own creativity in the video so that it appears as fresh. It is always a healthy practice to follow experts.

4) Use of Good and Catchy Music:

You will be amazed to see there are some videos that get a lot of likes only for the quality of music. People love to hear the melody. Try to get the attention of the TikTok users by your skill to choose suitable amazing music. New songs from popular singers are always a trend in TikTok. So, next time when you heard a new song from a popular star, you should try to make videos on the basis of that song. You can go for the evergreen songs as well like Michael Jackson songs. Your music should be properly suitable for your videos.

5) Performs Duets with Relevant Videos:

In TikTok is it a healthy practice doing duets with good quality videos. You can notice that even popular creators perform duets with others. There are some creators in TikTok who are only famous for duets with others and get millions for followers. As a video creator, you should try to make duets with popular creators as well as new users who create amazing videos. It will help both grow in TikTok.


6) Use of Proper and Suitable Hashtags:

Like other social media platforms (Twitter or Instagram) TikTok uses hashtags as keywords in their app. You can be a master of doing this by following trending hashtags in the TikTok. Some even follow hashtags used by popular faces in TikTok. If you are able to use good quality hashtags then your videos will appear in the searches and you get a good amount of views. So, next time when you are ready to upload any videos, do well research on the hashtag and it is going to get you more followers in TikTok.

7) Always Update with the Trends:

I think you have already noticed that one or 2 videos or music get trending on TikTok. Many TikTok creators start making videos on trending music or copy any trending topic. If you want to get followers from TikTok then you should try to follow the trends and creating an amazing video on that trending topic. Try to do something different on that trending topic so that it appears fresh and attractive.

8) Get More Tiktok fans and Followers by Following Others:

As a beginner, you can start following others. Some of them might get interested in you and start following you. It this way you can build good followers.

9) Focus on the Quality of Videos:

The quality of the videos should be good. Even if your content is great and the quality of your videos is not great then there is a chance that you will not get a good amount of followers. To improve the quality of the videos you need to have a good Smartphone or Camera, Good setup or even you can use good ring lights. It is going to help your Good content idea looks greater.

10) Try to Learn about Photography and Videography Skills:

As a video creator, you must know the basics of making good quality videos. You can browse on Search engines or on youtube about good photography skills. As I mentioned earlier about the quality of videos, it will be an important aspect of your making videos. If you can convert your ideas into good video then you will definitely get more followers and you can become popular.

11) Sharing Your Videos on Other Platforms:

This is a healthy practice. You should always share your videos on other mainstream social media platforms. You can make your TikTok video as the status of Facebook, Whatsapp, Share it on your Instagram and on other platforms.It is an advantage of social media. In this way, people come to know about you and in return, you can get more followers in TikTok.

12) Some Other Important points:

Once you get a good amount of fans and followers you should not publish content that promotes violence, bad manners or racisms, intolerance, addictive things or abusive words or facts. Keep in mind that getting followers takes a lot of time, patience and hard work but your one bad work may lead to losing your followers.

Verdict about How to get more followers in TikTok:

Above I have mentioned 12 points you can consider to get more followers in TikTok. Tiktok has now become very popular over the world. So you can give it a try to be famous and earn a lot of money. Every success has a struggle behind it. In this post, I have tried to mention almost all major points on how to get more followers in TikTok. If I forget to mention anything please let me know in comments.

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