Top Reasons Why You Should Build a WordPress Site

A lot of website owners often ask why they should use WordPress. Are the old sites they are using not enough and they need to switch to WordPress? If you are asking these questions too and considering the use of WordPress, you are at the right place.

This article will give you important reasons why WordPress is an excellent choice for your new platform. There are a variety of websites you can do with WordPress depending on the industry you belonged to. Some popular sites today are using WordPress and you will know why they are gaining popularity these days using this platform.

For some, WordPress is only a blogging platform. It is NOT. Yes, they started as a blogging tool but throughout the years, they evolved and became a robust CMS or content management system and a powerful website builder as well. This post on building a WordPress site clearly shows that WordPress is a flexible platform. It helps millions of people create a variety of websites that can be easily tweaked or updated with no expert skill required. This is one of the reasons why they are gaining a lot of popularity, especially with online marketers. Almost 32.2 percent of all websites are using the WordPress platform all over the internet.

Here are other reasons why you should start using WordPress for your website.

1. WordPress is Free

WordPress has a free plan. The free software allows you to download, install, utilize, and modify it depending on your needs for free. You only need a website hosting and a domain name to install it completely. The domain name is what the users type in the address bar to access your new website. And web hosting is where all your website files are being stored.

2. Theme and Plugin Customization is Easy

Programmers and web designers are the ones who use itThis. But, given today’s economic crisis, more entrepreneurs and individuals are trying to become more visible online through a website. The good thing about WP is that it can be used even by people with no computer programming, or CSS training. Even kids can create their own WordPress site!

For these people, It is an easy solution to their problem of using free website themes with a lot to choose from. It can cater to different kinds of websites like blogs, online stores, and business sites.

What they also love is the fact that WordPress is easy to customize. There are a lot of panel options where you can change the colors, background, sliders, and upload your own logo. You can add a lot of personal touch in it without the need for coding.

3. SEO Friendly

WordPress uses high-quality code that produces semantic markup to meet the standard compliance for writing. It makes them rank on top than other search engines. And this is the reason as well why many love them. WordPress is SEO friendly with out of the box ideas. It has SEO plugins to help you optimize your website.

4. Quick and Easy To Manage

This platform comes with an easy built-in management system. It allows you to update the themes and plugins within the WordPress admin dashboard. If there is a new version, It will notify you about it so you can also make an update with your own site by a click of one button.

5. Very Safe and Secure

It understands that security comes first. They have it in mind while developing the platform to ensure safety for users in running their website. But sometimes, the internet is not a safe place at all. There are intruders who will try to ruin what you have started. Due to this, It is created security guidelines, especially for beginners to make this platform even more secure.

6. Multi-Media Friendly

WordPress isn’t limited to writing alone. It has a built-in media uploader that can handle all your audios, video files, and images. This is also supported website embedding where you can embed your content to different social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and even Soundcloud by just pasting your social media URL in this post editor.


There are many ways to use itThis. You can start a blog from it, make a business or membership website, sell online courses, and start your online store. There are different templates to cater to all your needs.

Hopefully, this article has helped answer your questions regarding building a WordPress site.

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