Watching What You Eat is More Important for Weight Loss than Exercising

Fitness experts estimate that effective weight loss is 75% diet and 25% exercise. In other words, carefully watching what you put in your mouth each time is more important than regularly going to the gym. You should remember that both healthy eating and exercising are vital for shedding off excess pounds. However, the former has a lot more influence on the outcome.

These days, diets come in many shapes and forms. It can be challenging for anyone who wants to lose weight to choose which one can give the desired results.

Aside from picking one that’s suitable for your lifestyle, sticking to a weight loss diet is another problem. You can blame it on something that many of today’s diets have in common: being too restrictive or being too expensive.

It seems like most diets are telling everyone to steer clear of foods that are nearly impossible to avoid all the time. Due to this, many give up dieting as well as wanting to lose weight.

Fortunately, some diets out there are more tolerant than the rest, making them realistic, sustainable, and practical. Some of them also come in the form of apps, like Equalution, which make sticking to the diet plan trouble-free and easy.

Your Goal Matters

Not all people who go on a diet want to slim down. Some of them wish to bulk up by growing more muscles, while others only want to maintain their current weight.

When it comes to dieting, the individual needs to opt for something that will allow him or her to achieve the desired goal. For instance, for having a smaller waistline, it’s essential to choose a diet specifically for eliminating excess fat. Before you decide on a diet, make sure that you establish your particular goal first.

See to it that you also set a realistic goal. Wanting to lose 10 pounds a week is not only unrealistic but also unhealthy. According to fitness experts, it is smart for anyone to want to drop one to two pounds a week.

Combustibility Counts

Different people have different tastes. It is why many of them have a hard time adhering to weight-loss diets, in particular those that are too restrictive and do not allow consumption of foods that are not on the list.

Some of the most effective diets available are those that provide enough room for customization. It means that they consist of plans specific to the needs of those on a diet. This is because they regard both goal and taste as essential factors. If a diet considers the foods that you find pleasing, then sticking to it until you see results becomes less complicated.

A nutrition coach that comes in the form of an app called Emulation, for instance, follows the 80/20 rule. It means that 80% of the diet is healthy foods, and the remaining 20% is foods that your taste buds will find pleasing.

Choose a Diet Well

Before you pick a diet, make sure that you know what your reason is for going on a diet. It allows you to opt for one designed to help you achieve your fitness goal.

It’s important to note that dieting alone won’t work. A considerable chunk of successful weight loss is watching your food intake, as mentioned earlier. Having your regular dose of exercise, however, still matters. Such is essential not only for facilitating weight loss but also for promoting good overall health.

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