How to create a travel blog in simple steps

Do you like travelling round the world and want to have a travel blog? This article will show you how to create a travel blog(like travelmaping) in a step by step process. Travel blogging may not be easy as you think, there are many things that needs to be done to get the work going. Be creative with the travel blog, you do not need to follow what other people are doing. Blogging requires someone who is open minded and in later years you will not only do the blogging but also earn money from it.

Steps by steps process of creating a travel blog

  1. Choose a name

First, you need to choose a name that best suits your blog. Getting a name may be a challenging thing to do but you need to take all your time by brainstorming a perfect name for your site. Make it easy to remember, avoid words are either too complicated or too long. Before taking the step to purchase the domain (like .com) make sure it is visible in all social medias like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. 

  • Hosting

Choose a hosting plan depending on your budget. There are hundreds of hosting companies to choose like Blue Host, GoDaddy and many others. The hosting companies gives you a guideline to follow while doing the purchase.

  • Install WordPress

Depending on which hosting company you’ve chosen, they will direct you to set password for your WordPress. There are thousands of themes to choose from, you will therefore choose a theme that most appeals to your preferences. Installing WordPress is easy just follow the simple steps, and with a click of a button you are done. After you are done you can go to the dashboard and post your adventures to the world.

  • How to use WordPress
  • Install templates to change your site design.
  • Create pages for your WordPress.
  • Do customization in your WordPress with extensions.
  • Do more research on how it works to be more skillful.
  • Afterwards you can take it further by creating more features, and building it into a website.

Things to consider while creating a travel blog

About Page for your Travel Blog

This is the first page that people will see when they come across your website. It tells people more about you, what your passion is and the reason you feel they should frequently visit your travel blog.

Social Media

As a blogger is very necessary to embrace social media. Use it to tell your friends to follow you in your travel blog and also use it to tell them to promote you. Make sure you are signed up to famous social media. Install plugins of social media and link them with your site, by doing this you will create more traffic to your site.


Creating a travel blog is very easy it only needs a dedicated heart, the passion to do and a mind that knows nothing like giving up. All the best in your endeavors to do your travel blog.

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