Step By Step Gide On How to Add Resume to LinkedIn

Detailed Guide on Uploading Resume on Linkedin Profile:

Are you interested to know how to add resume to linkedin? In this post, I’ll guide you in detail on how you can easily upload resume to linkedin. For now, let us discuss in general about what is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is social networking or we can say a professional networking platform. It was founded on December 28 in the year of 2002 and launched on 5th May 2003. Professionals from almost 150+ countries join LinkedIn to post jobs or get some work. From 2016 Microsoft Corporation owned LinkedIn and run it successfully. LinkedIn allows users to get connected to each other and it has chatting facilities as well.

Why Should You Join LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has now become one of the most popular social media platforms for professionals. If you are looking for jobs or even you need employees in your office or for work, in both cases, LinkedIn is very effective. You can post jobs and people if interested will connect you and you can get what you want. Unlike other social networking platforms, it is mainly used by professionals. So, the main point is that if you are looking for jobs or looking for working stuff then you must join LinkedIn.

How To Create A LinkedIn Profile?

To join LinkedIn you need to visit their official website ( ) or install their official app. Once you are done that just click on the Join Now button. It will take you to a page where you need to fill up 2 fields.

  • you can add you’re your mobile number or email and if you wish you can directly join by connecting your Facebook account.
  • you will have to add a password according to your choice (At least 6 characters).

After that, you will need to verify your mobile number or email. Then a page will open where you need to add all your information like Full Name, Location, Your Educational Details, Your expertise, Your about us section and some more details. You need to set a profile picture. Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. here you should add a professional-looking photograph.

Why You Need To Add A Resume To Your LinkedIn Profile?

Now let us discuss the main topic of this post on how to upload resume to LinkedIn? Before coming to that point let’s first talk on why you need to add a resume to your LinkedIn profile? As I have already discussed that LinkedIn is the most popular professional social media and there is a huge chance that you will get a job from there. So, for making your profile look more professional and attractive you should add a resume on your LinkedIn profile. You should be careful about your resume and get it done is a very professional and attractive way with all the necessary details about you and your education and experience.

How to upload a resume to LinkedIn?

1st Step: Log in To Your LinkedIn Profile with id and Password.

2nd Step: leaving the LinkedIn home page, go to your profile page.

3rd Step: Look for the About Section. It will appear below your profile picture with a general description.


4Th Step: Click on the Pencil icon on the About Section. (Here the pencil section denotes Edit)

5th Step: After Clicking the Pencil Button, you can edit your About section and below that in the media section you will see a blue Upload Button.


6th Step: Once you click on the Upload button you will be taken to the storage. You need to select your resume file and click Ok.

7th Step: Once it gets uploaded you need to click Save to finish the process.

For your information you can upload your resume in almost all the popular files formats like .pdf, .txt, .doc, .docx etc. So, you need not worry about that. But make sure that your resume or you can say bio-data is of great quality.

Final Words On How To Add Resume To Linkedin

Above I have discussed how to upload a resume on Linkedin in detail with the images that you make it easier for you to upload a resume to LinkedIn. It is not a much difficult process. If you follow the steps then you can definitely learn how to add a resume to Linkedin. It will really help you to look at your profile more attractive and professional. Especially if you are looking for jobs, you need to have a resume in your LinkedIn profile.  

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