How to Use Mobile Phones in Useful Ways?

Nowadays many people spending their time on mobile phones. Or I can say that we are wasting our time scrolling the screen of our mobile phones. But this habit is not good for us. Instead of wasting the time scrolling the screen, you can use your mobile phones to increase productivity.

There are many useful things which we can do with our smartphones. You just need to use mobile phones more thoughtfully. 

Here we are going to give you some tips about how to use mobile phones in useful ways. That can lead you to get more done with your day. 

Use your smart phone’s search for anything 

No doubt, many of us waste a lot of time trying to find things on our phones. It can be apps, contact, calculator, or colander, etc. Instead of finding the things, you should use the built-in search tool for your smartphones. There you can find all kinds of things for you more quickly. You just need to pull down the screen from the top of the home screen. 

From there you can find contacts, email messages, text messages, apps, and websites. If you have iPhone then you can do simple math without opening the calculator. So, use mobile phones in useful ways not for wasting your time.

Allow your phone to read aloud for you

As you know that we should not look at our phones while driving. It can be dangerous and have to pay a fine for that. But if you have a smartphone then there is no problem with seeing an urgent message or read that immediately. Your phone can do that for you. Your phone can read aloud for you.

iPhone can read aloud your screen, emails, text messages, app screens, web pages, and even Kindle books. Just you need to turn the feature on in the setting apps. Tap General, ‘accessibility’, then “Speech”, and then turn on “Speak Screen”. 

Now your phone can read anything for you, swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen of your iPhone. This is the best feature to use mobile phones in useful ways. You don’t need to stop the car from reading urgent messages or emails. Your phone can do this work for you, while you are driving a car. 


Embrace all of Google

Another tip to use mobile phones in useful ways is to use Google on your smartphone. The apps like Gmail, Calendar, Photos, and other things work seamlessly with your phone. You just need Google’s voice assistant; it is just an “OK Google” away. 

This is a nice feature in the latest version of android phones. Now, these phones are Google-powered. You can run a Google search on any phrase on any website in Chrome. 

Disable useless apps

We do not need every app that comes with our phone. Carriers and manufacturers add some apps that you simply won’t use. Some apps we can not delete but you can keep them from running on your phone. In Android phones, you can disable these apps to keep them from running in the background. You just need to open the application manager, tap on the app you want to sedate, just hit disable. 

If you feel that you need that app back then you can do that by following the same steps. By doing disable useless apps from your mobile phones you can save your time in search of useful apps. More icons more confusion.

Try multitasking feature

Do you know that you can run two applications at the same time on your mobile phone? This feature is available on new devices. For this, you can tap and hold the recent apps button on your phone, which leads you to the right of the physical home button. It will prompt it to go into split-screen view. 

This can be a time-saver feature for you. You just don’t need to reopen again and again the same screen while doing your work. 

Use a better keyboard

If you want to type faster on your phones but your smartphone’s keyboard is slow then you can download a different one. Now Android phone users have long been able to take advantage of the elegant Swype keyboard. It’s also available for iPhone users. 

On this keyboard, you just keep your finger on the screen and swipe your way through the word. This is very easy and will increase your typing speed. 

So, these were some tips to use mobile phones in useful ways.  

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