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How you can successfully convert traffic into customer?

Now a day’s everyone is willing to take their business to online and want to convert traffic into customer. The main reason is to reach a large amount of audience. Once you get your business online then you don’t need to reach your customer physically. Rather they will reach to you via your website. If you are a blogger and get a large number of visitors try to convert them in to leads via affiliate programme. It is one of the major sources for many bloggers. To say the most successful bloggers use affiliate marketing as the main source of earning from their blog.

1st method of convert traffic into customer:

According to me the main way to convert traffic into customer is creating a touching and fantastic website or blog. If you are a business owner and sells products via your e-commerce platform then you should spent a lot of money designing your e-commerce website. Always remember the more attractive your site is the more there is chances you can convert traffic into customer. So, never be frugal while spending money for your website design. Try to put the best picture of the product you want to sell.

2nd method of convert traffic into customer:

Once you successfully design the website or blog take special care to main your website. By designing gorgeously I mean to look great. At the same time you should take care of the fact that the user interface should be easy to use. For bloggers try not to put so much ads or promotional links. It is not at all good for the look and feel of your blog. So, write a great content on a product and put re-view of the same and tactfully place your affiliate link in the content. I think it is the best way of affiliate earning.

3rd method of convert traffic into customer:

If you want to convert traffic into customer then you should look after the loading speed of your e-commerce website or blog. Once you start getting traffic try not to lose them. So, your site should be good at on-page SEO. One thing you should spent money in the SEO of your blog or website so that it appears on the top of the SERPs. The page loading speed is really a great factor to consider. Never ignore this point.

4th method of Convert your traffic into leads:

This is even more important if you are e-commerce business owner or even if you are a blogger. Try not to sell bad things and always try to put or write the good as well as bad aspects (If the product has some). You should not try to sell only good products. It will help you to convert traffic into customer and even convert them to be a permanent customer.


These are some points you should keep in mind so that you can successfully convert your traffic into customer. Please let me know in the comments if you have any other points to mention.

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