How to Write a Pitch Email? 7 Tips for Cold Emailing

A pitch email is a type of sales pitch usually intended to bring new customers to a business. Hence you must keep it short, simple and sweet. Speaking of which, you are in the right place if you are struggling to write a winning pitch email. Since this article covers everything, you need to know about crafting an effective one.

How to write a pitch email?

The recipient of a pitch email feels no responsibility for reading one. Therefore, you must keep it engaging and to the point, so he/she actually opens it and acts on it as you have desired. This is why writing a good pitch email takes some skills and effort from the copywriter to be effective as expected.


Keep The Basics Right

Most commonly, a pitch email is conveyed to a set of potential customers for brand awareness, promoting a new product, and more. Like the other emails, it takes a subject line, a greeting, followed by a good product introduction, an offer, or a call to action. To make sure your pitch email is effective, just keep note of the following things when writing:

– Make sure you follow a respectable format. Yes, you can use an attractive template to grab the reader’s attention, but that must not be too vibrant to feel unprofessional.

– Look to include graphics or images where possible since they will improve the reader’s engagement.

– Write it in plain English and in a direct tone. So the readers fully understand you.

– Instead of a long pitch paragraph, look to explain it in short and to-the-point bullet points.

– Be very clear and specific with the offers you include in your pitch email.

If you are still unsure about how to write a pitch email, just keep on reading, as this article has a lot to offer.

Keep Your Subject Line Interesting and Engaging

As you write a pitch email, you will surely want a recipient to read it. People generally avoid reading marketing emails; therefore, it is important to hook their attention with a catchy subject line. Speaking of which, this is how you can keep the subject line of your pitch email catchy:

– A sense of urgency always works, so achieve it in the subject line of your pitch email. You’ll often see marketing emails have a start and end date, which is a good way to get the recipient to think about what they may miss in that window of time. A perfect way of achieving urgency!

– Triggering a recipient’s sense of mystery is not a bad idea at all. Since it can pique the reader’s interest out of curiosity and interest. Ultimately resulting in a higher open rate.

– People love reading about free and discounted stuff. So, adding something of the same intent to your email’s subject may make the recipient very interested.


Adding The Name of The Recipient Works

The recipient’s name in the subject line or introduction will make them feel valued and respected. Seeing their name popping up in the notification bar will also make them read. Just think of a number of occasions a marketing email with your name in the subject line has dragged you into reading the full email or at least the introduction. Hence, adding recipients’ names creates a higher possibility of hooking their attention. So, make sure you include your recipient’s name in the pitch email.

Put a Short Intro of Yourself

Adding a line or two about yourself may inform the recipients about why you are worth their time and attention. This is also commonly termed as an introduction paragraph of a pitch email. People are generally tired of reading marketing emails as they receive too many of them regularly. Hence, if you follow a direct approach to introducing your offer or service, it has a greater possibility of making it into the trash almost instantly. Not the action you have desired, isn’t it?

Therefore, you must put in your name, designation, and experience in a line or two before you begin pitching. This way, the recipient will get a fair idea of why they can trust you as a source of this information. Eventually, acting in the way you have desired in the form of making a purchase or getting informed of a new brand.

Time to Work on a Pitch

The purpose of a pitch email is to convey information about a product or service and persuade him/her to buy. So, you don’t need to put unnecessary details in the form of long paragraphs. Rather keep it to a few lines only. Speaking of which, a preview of the variable content is enough for a PR pitch, while a sales pitch can take the benefits of products or services on offer.


Putting your pitch in bullet points is not a bad idea as well. This way, a reader could quickly skim through it.

Furthermore, if you must include a press release in the pitch email, ensure you attach it to the end of the email.

Concluding Your Email

Use ‘sincerely’ followed up by your name and signature. Double-check that your email signature has a phone number and email address so the user can reach you when required. It would be great to use mail marge. You need to use advantages of mail merge. It will allow you send an email to multiple users.

Summing up

A pitch email mostly persuades the reader to buy a product or service. As the recipient is not expecting you in the first place, he feels no obligation to open and read your email. That’s when you have to pay good attention to a few things before you are ready to dispatch your pitch email. This article was all about letting you know of some tips and tricks to craft an effective pitch email. You can also check this blog for more email marketing tips.

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