Seven Ways How Video Marketing Can Help Your Business

Video content rules the internet. According to HubSpot, 92% of marketers agree that video is an important part of their strategy. And to support that, a survey by Comscore reveals that 85.3% of the US population watches videos on YouTube.

Even though almost every business is leveraging video to market their business, many more people are waiting to consume new and engaging videos online. So it makes total sense to enter the video marketing era and give your business a boost by posting videos. But does it really help your business? If it does, what are the impacts on your top and bottom lines? Let’s dive into the topic to find this out. 

1. Videos increase brand trust

One of the most powerful emotions that can turn lurkers into buyers is brand trust. When you create useful videos that solve problems for your prospects, your brand is remembered and viewed as an authority in the industry. 

This authority then translates into trust as you continue to add value to people and genuinely resolve people’s problems. As per the Edelman consumer survey conducted in 2019, 81% of consumers buy from brands that they put their trust in. 


2. Achieve high engagement rates

Apart from building trust, video marketing engages users much more than text. It certainly depends on the quality of video that you publish, but videos make people stop scrolling to take a peek.

An essential part of getting someone curious about your video is with a great intro. Many designers can make power-packed and branded intro clips. But if you’re starting, you can use an intro maker that offers templates for you to work with, such as,

  1. Videobolt
  2. Placeit
  3. InVideo

Or you can simply click for source. You can focus on creating the perfect video marketing strategy for your potential customers instead of spending time worrying about the video intro.

3. Videos Drive Traffic to Your Product and Sales Pages

Videos serve to push a potential lead further in the sales funnel. You don’t want a video that only entertains your users, but also one that convinces and converts them to buy from you. 

When you create engaging videos that make people stop right in their way to watch what you’ve made, you have created a successful clip.

The job of that video is to get users to visit a certain page on your website. And as your video gets more engagement, it’s pushed to even more users by social media algorithms. In-turn, you generate significant traffic this way.

Since marketing is a numbers game, the more people who visit your page, the higher your absolute sales will be.

4. Explains Your Product Completely to Your audience

Text documentation is boring; it is long and hard to read. Video, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. When you engage three senses, it becomes easier to demonstrate your product’s complete details, without making things complicated. It works especially well for complex enterprise products where the user manuals feel like endless blocks of text. 

With a short video demonstrating the essential features, you can get your users to start using the product in just a few minutes. You can also create short tutorials on YouTube for anyone searching for your product online. You don’t even need to learn complex video editing. Just a simple Youtube video editor will do the job. Such as,

  1. Animoto
  2. iMovie
  3. DaVinci Resolve

Also, consider making videos that answer questions your users commonly ask. It will save you time and turn into a better experience for your customers in the long run. Find out more on the internet.


5. Boosts conversions and sales in comparison to text

Compared to reading a blog, videos show and tell at the same time. This grabs more eyeballs from users who would have otherwise scrolled through if you posted a blog. So when users reward you with their attention, your brand has already stood out of the crowd.

This allows you to get them to engage with your brand, know your product better, and convert into a sale when the time is right. According to Wyzowl, 96% of users have looked up an explainer video to understand a product, while 74% of users said that they had been convinced to buy a software or download an app after watching a video. Your video marketing strategy should be great.

6. Videos can give a boost to your organic traffic

Everyone loves organic traffic. It’s free and highly targeted. And every attempt to improve your organic traffic has a significant impact on your conversions and sales

Google loves videos because they improve the user dwell-time and caters to user intent. 

When you create and publish videos, there are a few things that you must do to improve organic visits to your website. They are: 

  1. Add a click-worthy thumbnail
  2. Write a title that promises the perfect solution to a user’s problem
  3. Link to a relevant blog post or your homepage in the first line of your description
  4. Consider your video description as a blog post in itself

Of these 4 points, the 3rd one is where you offer your users the opportunity to learn more about what you’re describing in the video. If someone is really interested, they will click through and visit your website. Also, writing a long description that explains the topic really well helps in ranking your videos on Youtube and on Google SERPS for the queries.

This adds to your overall monthly pageviews. You can convert this traffic by offering product demos or trials on the website to get the users to try your product.

7. Videos showcase your brand’s personality.

Business isn’t all about conversions and sales. There’s a lot of fun that happens behind the scenes, while developing the product, during company meetings, or even many events—showing your brand’s behind-the-scenes shows your customers the fun side of your business. 

It shows that there are real humans behind your business. And that’s a strong reinforcement to give your customers. This helps customers connect with your brand on a personal level.


Everyone who tries making videos fails initially. Your first few videos may end up being unappealing or even dull. And that’s completely normal. You’ve just entered the market and will take time to learn what works and what doesn’t. You need to keep experimenting to find your unique style.

But from a long term perspective, these failures build up into an experience that you can leverage to supercharge your marketing. After all, people connect with people. With video, you can show the people behind your business. 

They can hear and see a person talking about a brand and begin associating that person’s character to your business. And that’s the essence of video marketing. What kind of personality would you like your business to have?

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