What Are Some of the Best Gumroad Alternatives?

Gumroad is a quite popular platform to sell digital and physical goods. However, the service has certain disadvantages that make content creators think twice about using Gumroad.

Some notable Gumroad cons include:

  • Fees for both premium and free plans
  • Missing features in the mobile application
  • Lack of A/B testing
  • Limited tracking and reporting tools
  • Slow and outdated interface
  • No upsell feature
  • Lackluster customer support

Fortunately, there are Gumroad alternatives that allow you to make money selling digital goods. Let’s take a look at other ecommerce platforms for creators.


Sellfy is an ecommerce platform that stands out thanks to its customization options. Also, there are no transaction fees that add up over time.

The platform also comes with its own storefront, meaning that aspiring sellers do not have to develop their own website. And in case you own a website, you can embed a Sellfy checkout button on the site and sell your goods. Adding Sellfy’s link on a social media profile is also an option if your audience is primarily on Facebook, Instagram, and other SM sites.

The page covers other differences between Sellfy and Gumroad in detail, emphasizing why the former is a superior option to sell your goods.


PayKickStart is another solid Gumroad alternative. Thanks to its 1-click upsell and coupon codes, sellers can maximize conversions.

The platform also offers the auto-complete address feature to simplify the checkout process. One can even integrate Google Analytics and Facebook retargeting to further increase conversions.

Other PayKickStart advantages include no transaction fees, support for webhooks and API integration, and free trials. However, the platform does not have A/B testing and does not accept Apple/Android and cryptocurrency as payment. Some users might find the UI lacking as well.


Content creators use Podia to sell educational content, memberships, and other digital goods. Like other similar checkout platforms, Podia also offers its users embedded checkout integration on a website.

Customers do not have to leave your website if they want to make a transaction. Another benefit of Podia is its product bundles and upsells, which help increase earnings.

In case you want to create and sell online courses, you do not have to look for a third-party host to upload videos. Podia offers unlimited hosting and bandwidth.

Product promotion via email marketing is also an option. If you have a solid email list, you can leverage Podia to send individuals emails or stick to automated drip campaigns.

While there is no free plan, Podia has a 14-day free trial. There are two premium plans—Mover and Shaker—that cost 39 and 79 dollars per month, respectively.


SamCart is a cloud-based ecommerce platform with a plethora of neat features, including:

  • A/B testing
  • Advertising automation
  • Upsells and order bumps
  • Coupons
  • Dashboard and analytics

Marketing automation is one of the outstanding SamCart features. Users can automate checkouts by adding relevant tags and integrating other tools, such as Hubspot, Infusionsoft, or Active Campaign.

When it comes to downsides, SamCart only has PayPal and Stripe integrations. Just like Podia, SamCart offers only a 14-day free trial rather than a free plan. The three available premium plans cost 49, 99, and 199 dollars, which some people might find too expensive.


ThriveCart is a great Gumroad alternative, thanks to its advanced checkout features and other neat elements.

The platform offers multiple conversion-optimized templates users can customize to their liking. In addition, these templates work on both computers and mobile devices.

The A/B split testing lets users try different variations to determine which options have the best ROI. An in-depth analytics tool gives detailed statistics and points out weak spots.

Unfortunately, ThriveCart lacks hosting for PDFs and videos. The platform is also missing live customer support.


One-click upsells, a shopping cart with the abandonment feature, and a free trial make SendOwl one of the best Gumroad alternatives.

The platform supports multiple language options, meaning that it provides your customers with landing pages in their native languages.

SendOwl supports not just credit cards as a payment method but also Apple Pay and Bitcoin, giving customers more flexibility.

There are no transaction fees, but the plan pricing itself is a bit expensive since it is based on the number of products you sell.


To sum it all up, if you are a content creator who is looking to make money by selling their goods online, using Gumroad is not the only option. While the platform is decent, it has quite a few downsides, most notably transaction fees that accumulate quite fast, meaning that it would make more sense to use one of the alternatives reviewed in this article.

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