What is a highlighted comment on YouTube?

We all know that highlighted things in any social media are beneficial as it attracts other users to read it & if they think they are beneficial they will like, share & reply to that comment that will visible to more users.

Starting what is Highlighted Comment on YouTube?

A highlighted comment on youtube simply means that a comment is getting more attention and replies. Youtube generally tag those comments as highlighted comments. It got the attention of the users after comments are failing to their post so that whenever the tag was visible will resolve the problem. Till this time nobody knew what the tag meant on YouTube and as we all expect that question came up a lot in the comment section of that video.

YouTube’s latest feature had been rolled out in Google’s typical fashion. I have learned a lot form this partly due to the comments and it is helpful for the new blog and so I think right now I can explain that question clearly to the user.

I will answer all your questions by commenting below the post or you can read the blog and will get clarification.

In most cases, you could be coming from the new activity YouTube notification that you get on your email or the notifications on your YouTube dashboard that includes the notification bell icon.


I will share some of the things that you have to know about it.

1. Email Notification.

2. YouTube’s Comment Section.

3. YouTube’s Notification Bell Icon.

This tag comes in two flavours that are: –

  1. Highlighted Comment 
  2. Highlighted Reply.

Both of them work in the same process and serve the same purpose.

The main difference is that the highlighted with highlighted reply will only show up when the target comment is replied otherwise not.

The main reason behind the Highlighted Comments

It is a simple process in which YouTube will pointing out the specified comment so it is known as the highlighted comment by YouTube.

This happens when a comment you left or a comment thread you get on some new activity in the way of a new comment or reply from any user. It will increase your visibility there and people will see it clearly.

You will receive the notification of this new activity through your registered email, you will also get the notification bell icon or the comment section in your YouTube Dashboard (in this case if you can click to view the comments or reply from there).

YouTube directly takes you to the comment thread of that video and puts the highlight tag on the new activity so no need to go check it again & again.

I can tell this feature is simply for our convenience and promote more engagement in the comment section from the users.

For example: If any YouTube video with thousand or more comments&you opened that video, it would take you some time to go through all the comments & to find your previous comment or new comments.

This latest feature of the notification opens the YouTube video to that comment directly and automatically takes you to that specific comment while highlighting you just to tell you that this is what brought you here.

You can even trigger this tag right from the comment by clicking on the timestamp of any comment and you should get the Highlighted tag.

Highlighting is done by YouTube not by the creator or the user:

It is not done by the creator of the video other than the new features introduced to you that the video maker can only moderate the comments like approved, hide, removed, or marked as spam.

Highlighting is done automatically by YouTube depending on how you have made the video or what user preferences.

Can Video Maker remove the Highlighted Comments or not?

Straight Forward Answer is no that this is not possible. YouTube does this automatically depending on how you have opened that particular video.

You can do like that you could try is by editing the video URL to remove the parameter that is added to the normal YouTube link then reload the video.

You can just log out from your Google account and browse YouTube, By doing this you won’t be able to leave the comments or interact with that video in any way but by doing this you should be assured that you are not seeing any highlighted comments.

Conclusion on YouTube highlighted comment:

I hope now you can have a clear idea of what is Highlighted Comment on YouTube?

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